Friday, December 28, 2012


This card can be yours now on eBay HERE

It's 1 of 4 AE (artist exclusive) cards I have from doing the recent 5finity/Katie Cook sketch card set, KITTY DITTIES & PRETTY LADIES.

Some cartoon cavegirl action up for grabs!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Two commissioned "sexy" artist exclusive cards from the recent Cherry 5finity set.

Here they are with just the inks, and then finished colors...

Monday, December 17, 2012

I have a new job, and it's in the... DANGER ZONE!

So, after working behind-the-scenes for a while now, I can officially announce that I've merged my SR Graphics with Action Lab Entertainment and we have created the mature readers comic book line, ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE ...a new imprint for Action Lab which I will be publisher of!!!

Full info can be found HERE

Suffice it to say, we have lots of crazy-cool, stupid-fun stuff lined up, including all of the existing SRG catalog (natch), and it's also safe to assume there'll be some boundary-blasting genre-vexing creator-owned comics coming your way in... THE DANGER ZONE!

I’m incredibly excited to take my efforts at showcasing the creative and quirky ideas born from creator-owned comics to an even larger audience with the backing of the talented folks at ALE!!!


Stay alert!
More info to come.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FAN ART: The Walking Dead

After the popularity of my last cast fan art (Game of Thrones) I knew right away the show I'd like to do next, THE WALKING DEAD.

It's so much fun after watching a show you really like, to visualize the cast as you'd draw them, how they'd pose and look, and to put that together. Sure is a lot of work too, but at least there's a few less characters here then on Game of Thrones! ;)

So here are the characters I settled on, based around the first two seasons of the show...
Sophia, Carol, Daryl, Andrea, Shane, Rick, Lori, Carl, T-Dog, Glenn, and Dale

Sure (SPOILER ALERT!) some of them are dead by the end of those seasons, and there are a few newer ones I could have added, but they're the core group as I see it, through that period.

And as much as I like the show, I do have my qualms with it (mainly the wardrobe - generic 80's come K-Mart by way of the prairie, complete with logo-less sportswear... I'm looking at you Glenn!), but so far season 3 is off to an amazing start!

So, hopefully I'll return after this season with a new cast fan art.

JMart on the web: 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sketchy hardware, and women.

So, haven't posted any art since before NYCC... why? Well, I recently purchased an affordable graphics tablet I'd read lots of good things about, a 6.25x10" from Monoprice. Because, yes, I still use a mouse for all my coloring and graphics work, etc. Sure, I've wanted to get a Wacom tablet, or better yet their Cintiq, but those cost a lot of money. And I actually bought a used Wacom years ago, and never used it (but mainly because I thought a larger size would be good and got a 12x12" - which was way too big).

Anyways, the Monoprice was only around $60 with shipping, so what the heck.

Got it and hooked it up in August, but hadn't spent much time playing with it. However, I started to have problems with my OS and/or my mouse, that got increasingly worse, as I was prepping for NYCC. And to the point where my PC was pretty much useless, and especially in Photoshop. And, Photoshop had even stopped working altogether  after numerous manual power downs having locked up the PC with no mouse or keyboard functionality... it stopped even opening up.

After un-installing and removing the tablet, the obvious offender, and getting rid of my mouse, I got everything to run fine on the PC, but even after un-installing and re-installing Photoshop I had no luck with it. It just hangs and won't open. I even took to the Adobe help boards, but again with no resolution.

Now, I bought Photoshop back in 2003, and I believe it was CS3, so it's probably time to update anyway, and in fact, that's what I've done. Being not too PC savvy, I'm at a dead end to problem solving the issue with Photoshop, so I noticed while being on the Adobe site, that one can download current software for a trial period, and that's what I've done.

So, I can finally start posting some artwork again, as, without Photoshop, I couldn't even save files as web viewable, let alone edit or adjust anything. Now I'm running PS CS6, and having only played with it for less then an hour, I'm already impressed.

Meanwhile, here's some art.
Two sketches I did at NYCC... a surly Wonder Woman, that sold at the show, and since I liked the idea of that one so much, I'd like to do a series of them, and did one of Princess Leia as well.

The Leia is available for $30, email me for shipping and payment info.

I believe the issue with the tablet had to do with the driver SW, as I know folks have had problems with that, but don't know that I'll mess with that again, as I just can't problem solve if something else goes wrong (and Monoprice has no support to speak of... as, you do get what you pay for).

JMart on the web: 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Prometheus Blu-Ray

Got a chance to check out the PROMETHEUS Blu-Ray... and as you may recall, I was one of the few in the pro column for the film upon release.
Just like John Carter, I think Prometheus was an unfair victim of expectations and marketing.
So, as eager as I was to re-view the film (I had hoped to see it again in theaters, but never did), I was even more keen to see a longer cut, that sadly wasn't in the home release (at least for now). However, all of the deleted, extended, and alternate scenes are in the home version. Oh how I wish we had most of them in an alternate version of the film... about 2/3rds of what was cut, and nearly all of the alternate material improves upon the original. Especially the alternate extended ending that features more of the climactic encounter/s with the "engineer" (I'm not a fan of the alternate opening though). Not to mention, Fifield's attack on the crew in it's intended CG enhanced take is far superior to the traditional effects version.
For all those that write this off as a failure as an Alien film, feel it's inner logic is too flawed, or were looking for more action... I'm sorry you have those hang-ups, or feel that way. For me, it's a somewhat flawed gem of a sci-fi picture, that I absolutely love!

Now I'll just keep waiting for the alternate/extended cut/s...

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

NYCC this weekend!!!

I'll be heading back to New York Comic Con after 4 years away... I hear it's all growed up now (hello SDCC East)!!

You can find me in artist alley (it's on level 2 off by itself) at spot P7 (as illustrated here by this massive/tiny grid with my location highlighted):

I'll have brand new limited edition sketch cover comics and NYC themed prints for NIGHT OF THE 80'S UNDEAD. As well as my brand new Walking Dead fan art, debuting at the show (and therefore not visible entirely via the internets yet)... just in time for it's return this Sunday!!!

Friday, October 05, 2012

JMart tees available now! **SPECIAL OFFER!!



I now have some stock in hand for a couple of my t-shirt designs, but supply is limited. I've had shirts available via RedBubble for some time, but it's a little cheaper to get them direct from me, plus, I'll include a free comic of mine with each purchase!

I have either the Kenny Powers KFC mash-up design, or the Tyrion/Peter Dinklage "pimp" (emphasis on the IMP) design in stock to choose from:


$24.99 (shipping included)



$24.99 (shipping included)


*shirts are all pre-shrunk black Glidan heavy cotton

Again, supply is limited, but I currently have all sizes in stock for the pIMP shirt, and most for the KFn'P... 


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Las Vegas Comic Expo this weekend!

I'll be in Las Vegas this weekend for the LAS VEGAS COMIC EXPO (artist alley space T5)
It's a first time show, but they've put together a murderers row of artistic guests... plus it's on the strip!

I'll have comics, books, prints, shirts, you name it!

I'm also working on a fan art for the show... since Tricia Helfer is going to be a guest, I thought I'd try my hand at a (Cylon) number 6 piece... Here are the lines...
And here are the colors (by Sykomanyak)...

Friday, September 21, 2012

FAN ART: Batgirl

Had a Batgirl fan art I'd started up a while back and been noodling with off and on that I finally got serious about this week. Turns out an artist from DA that I love (Syko Manyak) had a killer offer on commission work, and for just color too, that I couldn't refuse, and so had it colored by him.

After getting the colors, I went ahead and made some tweaks, so here's the process from roughs to my finished colors... (so, 1) roughs, 2) finished lines, 3) Syko colors, 4) colors with my edits)
I dig how it came out, and it's always tons of fun to work with other artitsts!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Here's a preview of one of my cards from the just released 5finity sketch card series for Lary Welz's underground comic CHERRY.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend!

I'll be at Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend in artist alley, tables 258 and 259, with artist Bill McKay.
This will be my first time at this show (which I've always heard is just great), and first time back to the East coast in quite some time (could it really be since NYCC in 2008?!?)!!

I'll have stock, for the first time, for a couple of my t-shirt designs, as well as fully restocked on the Game of Thrones cast fan art (that completely sold out tremendous numbers at San Diego Comic-Con).

Monday, August 20, 2012


I recently did a few cards for the 5finity Productions Wonderland sketch card series, based on the Grimm Fairy Tales and Wonderland comic books by Zenescope Entertainment. This is my one returned / "artist exclusive" card that I have available for sale, and it's of their Red Riding Hood (which I'm not sure, but don't think is actually part of the Wonderland series, lol).
The card is available on eBay HERE

Friday, August 03, 2012

Commission: AEON FLUX

Here's a recent commission that I did, of one of my all time favorite things, Peter Chung's Aeon Flux! Aeon of course debuted on MTV's liquid television some 20 years ago, and then a few years later got her own brief series. Chung's style and his innovative storytelling was so inspiring, it was a big reason I got back into drawing and comics, and remains a huge influence. Here's the finished artwork
The color flats...
the finished lines...
and the original roughs.
Giving you a full look at the process!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con info

It's that time of year again, here's all my info for the big show...

I'll be exhibiting in small press, L-16, with my art and SRGraphics of course. Here's where you can find us on the floor
I'll have new prints, including the Daenerys art I showcased yesterday, as well as some new books, including a new edition of my NIGHT OF THE 80'S UNDEAD (and new stuff from SRG).
Another limited edition version of the first full issue of Not80sU, this time with a new movie poster styled cover and "advance screening" rough edit complete with in process 80's style colors...

If you can't make it to the show, I'll be updating new goodies in the STORE upon my return!

Good times!!

FAN ART: Daenerys Targaryen

Finally got around to doing a Daenerys Stormborn (Game of Thrones style) fan art. Here she is in my take of the magical (and fiery) dragon birth scene.
Here's a look at the process on this, from the initial rough...
To the second take, where I decided to turn her from the profile to a more straight on shot (while keeping pretty much the same pose).
I'll have prints for SDCC!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Updated sketchbook cover...

I went ahead and updated the cover to my sketchbook compilation - COMPILED FEMMES - to give it a more appealing worn classic comic cover feel...
I should have new stock of these for Comic-Con this week (full details to come!).

Monday, July 02, 2012

New tees on Redbubble!

Added a couple new t-shirt designs to my Redbubble account, "Zom" Selleck / NIGHT OF THE 80'S UNDEAD...

and now you too can get your very own JMart tee!!!!

Go on, show your brand loyalty with a bastardized logo, or your support for the comic, the 80’s, zombies, cokeheads, or 80’s celebrities (or zombie cokehead 80’s celebrities)!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Here's a sample card from a new card set I worked on for 5finity, KITTY DITTIES & PRETTY LADIES (which is uh, cats and girls... so I did a few cards with non house cats, which I hate, from which this is one)...

I'll have a couple "artist's choice variant artist exclusive" cards available from this set soon. Contact me if you're interested.

Saturday, June 09, 2012


SPOILER FREE (in white): 

 Prometheus is big, glorious, fully rendered sci-fi cinema. It's not an action film, it's not a horror movie (though there are horrors to be sure), and perhaps most frustratingly, for some, it's not really an Alien movie either. It is much more akin to 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY or CLOSE ENCOUNTERS of the 3rd KIND then the tone of any of the Alien films (except very much the first, which it has equal parts of many elements). It's conceit isn't to scare, or thrust into action, but to explore something very alien, and ask some big cosmic questions. And at that, it wholly succeeds. It gives you much to explore for yourself, both in terms of it's themes, and in terms of it's relation to that other Ridley Scott booted franchise.
MORE SPOILERY (but still spoiler specific free): 

 That's right, it's not an Alien movie, don't expect that. Ridley and Damon tried to warn us, and set expectations appropriately here. It's not a direct prequel... as they said. But it does very much play in and further explore that universe, and the genesis of Alien. 

 It even gives us the Space Jockey/s, a burst chest, and the ship... just not in the right places. And something, briefly, very Alien-esque... but that's as close to a classic Alien as we get. 
 There are other alien creatures and life though, and like the the world that's visited, and the crew and their ship Prometheus, it's all amazingly rendered in jaw dropping realistic 3D (and the creatures here, and the horrors they unleash are a level of demented fun on par with Alien). Prometheus is a paradise for sci-fi enthusiasts. You can completely geek out on the 2 hours you get to spend with an expedition to an alien world. I loved it. I have no problem with the direction the film takes. 

 In terms of the story, and characters, they're all interesting too, and mostly successful. Most every gap in logic or plot is explained (relatively)... it's a pretty tight script. Fassbender and Theron stand out from the cast, and Noomi is solid. Also worth mention is the fantastic score, and amazing sound that accompany what is a visual delight for eyes, and therefore ears. A fully immersive sci-fi treat. Which makes this a banner year for sci-fi. Earlier we were treated to the popcorn pulp adventure of John Carter, and now we have cerebral pulp horror. To me, as much as I love fantasy (can't wait to get some more Tolkien) and comic book superheroes... nothing excites me more than science fiction. Nothing. So a big thank you to the many folks who made Prometheus possible.