Friday, October 28, 2005

HEY DJ! - White Stripes, live, on your computer, yes you!

The local alternative radio station, 94/7, has started a new feature where they have local concert performances online for a limited time. Right now you can tune in and listen to The White Stripes from their August 10th performance, (which I was at).

Just go HERE

Apparently though, it's only the encore, not the whole performance...
dag nabbit!
But it's still cool.

IN CASE U MISSED IT: The industry's savior??!?

Okay, it's not like anyone likely missed the news that Mavel has made official the plans to publish material from Stephen King.
And it's not like that in and of itself isn't huge news, or huge for the industry.
But I'm not suggesting Stephen King is the industry's savior...
he very well could be, but my money's on this...

Or more specifically, that part down at the bottom.

Say it with me now, GRAPHIC FICTION
gra-fik fik-shen
Very good,
I knew you could!

Taken from the thread in response to the article on Newsarama my comments about the announcement:
This is great for the industry on many levels!

A couple that stand out?

1) It's a Stephen King property (and a popular one), not a Marvel property. It'll get a lot more play with the outside world, bringing attention to our medium, in a positive light, and will actually get people to buy books (something the movies have been generally unable to do).

2) Marvel marketing might actually be on to something here, I believe using the term "Graphic Fiction" is a huge step in the right direction. It's time to put the term "comic books" away, it'd be like the movie industry still using the term "talkies" or similar to describe itself, it doesn't apply and it feeds the public misperceptions and stereotypes of the medium (as it's inherently juvenile, whereas the medium is not). Graphic Fiction embraces the popular term "graphic novel" (that's a bit too specific as a general term). So, when marketing yourself to the outside world, it makes perfect sense to use a term that's reflective of what the medium's evolved into, and build on that. Very cool!

But that's just my opinion.
Let me know what you think!
Let's discuss!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Super Real Pin-up!


Scored a pin-up (or actually two) from the super cool artist of Lullaby, Hector Sevilla.
Here's a small peek

Pop on over to DeviantArt and see a larger version HERE

Very cool!
Hector has quite a unique style!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you where you should put a disc in your Netflix rental queue - placing it at the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.


Solid movie, that delivers fairly well on the premis.
It does break the tension it's building by fumbling a bit with the plot, and that's to say nothing of the questionable ending (or the odd mix of French and English, clearly dubbing some lines while just using subtitles otherwise).
Good stuff though, perfect for fans of Dead@17!
This could go mid to top QUEUE, depending on your mood.


The last movie was French, this one's Spanish.
Instead of college girls with bloody power equipment though, we get men who steal luck for sport. Intacto has a very interesting premis, that people with good luck, crash survivors, champion bull fighters, etc, actually steal luck from others, and can put this to use in high stakes gambling.
Yeah. It's decidedly different, but charming and well done. Some of the character motivation's a bit questionable (the inspector), but otherwise high marks all around.
As with Tension, this one's a mix of English and subtitles.
Put INTACTO at the top of your QUEUE


Pete Tong is all about Frankie Wilde, a supposed Euro DJ superstar who loses his hearing, but finds himself. Done up mockumentary style.
It's a very cheeky send-up of DJ culture and lifestyle, complete with visions of a "Coke Badger", but it's anchored by a strong performance from the lead, Paul Kaye.
Put this one at the top of your QUEUE


After finally seeing all of the original Romero Zomibie movies, in adittion to the respect other zombie flicks paid him (like Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead remake, etc), I was completely stoked to see this. The reviews I'd seen were lukewarm, so I wasn't too hopefull, and I think that's a fair place to come into this movie from, one of reserved expectations. It's not better than Night or Dawn, but it is better than Day. By the time the film was through I'd thouroughly enjoyed it, but it didn't come through as much as I'd liked.

Whereas with Night or Dawn of the Dead, there was never a time I wasn't riveted to the screen, or fully enjoying the sensory or cerebral stimuli, Land of the Dead is not so strong (as with Day). All in all, it felt a little light, like it came to the final act, just as it was building to something. There's just not much tension to be had, and that's really what drives a good survival horror film. It almost felt like an episode of a zombie TV show, albiet a great TV show.

Also, I found it a bit hard to buy the mindless zombies learning human behavior, or the focus on one zombie leading the group through the course of the story.

If you're a zombie nut, Land of the Dead is a top QUEUE movie, if you're not, put it in the middle.


Me and You is one of those slice of life indy films with unique flair. Not something that may draw many in, including myself, but once you give this a few minutes chance, you're hooked.
It really is a crazy, fucked up look at love, relationships, sex, and everything inbetween, all presented with quirk and style (and often times, with children?!?). It makes you think, and it makes you laugh.
Put ME AND YOU at the top of your QUEUE

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Indy comics love..., the number one comics site on the web, recently had contributor Ryan McLelland start up a new weekly feature, Your Indy Weekly.

Each week sees the spotlight on a lesser known book from a smaller publisher, featuring many titles you may never have heard of... yet.

Also, I happen to know this column's going to feature a big upcoming book in weeks to come (HINT - I have a comic book that debuts next month)!

Check it out if you haven't. The big companies get plenty of attention on the web, so it's nice to see the little guys get some love!

LOOK, IT'S ON THE WEB! - Hero Realm DVD reviews...

Hey Kidz! It's an all new TSL feature!
Look, It's On the Web is simply a new title for features on or about the www...

There are a lot of movies out there on DVD, studio movies you've heard of, indy films maybe you haven't, and a sea of B and foreign films you likely skip over. Well, there's a weekly DVD review column I've been following that helps navigate the sea of releases for buried treasure, and I'm sure there are a ton of these resources out there, but the one I use happens to be on a comic book website.'s DVD reviews - HERE

What I really like about the column is it's focus more on the obscure and off-beat fair. I've seen many foreign, B-movie, and indy gems that I would have missed otherwise, because seeing a box at the video store, just doesn't tell you enough to often make you want to pick something up (or in my case, the Netflix experience doesn't even come that close). Plus, I haven't found the recommendations I go ahead and try to be lacking.

Perhaps you'll find it usefull too?

Monday, October 24, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Sentinels vol.3 on CBR

I'd heard of Sentinels, the creator-owned super-hero series of original graphic novels from DrumFish Productions, and been wanting to check it out closer. Well turns out ComicBookResources ran a feature on the new volume, due next month, and put up quite a few pages from the book.

I was taken with the fresh and appealing style of art, and the quality scripting in the samples. Very much giving the vibe of perhaps X-Men or Teen Titans in the 80's, when they were creatively vibrant, and more contemporary.

Have a look for yourself HERE

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Mangaverse returns

I was a big fan of the first version of Marvel's Mangaverse, being a lifelong fan of manga/anime and Marvel/comics, what's not to love? Especially with some of the creators they hand lined up, Adam Warren, Kaare Andrews, Keron Grant, to name a few...

Well word is, as seen HERE on Newsarama, Marvel Mangaverse is set to return, but this time with an actual manga artist, Tommy Ohtsuka (Slayers) teaming with write CB Cebulski (who penned one of my all time fave underappreciated books, Sidekicks, with Takeshi Miyazawa).

The article runs some character designs for the book that look pretty cool, not so much that all of them are really cool redesigns, but just diggin on the art.

Looking forward to this, come January.

Friday, October 21, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Comics on F'n TV man!

Okay, so it's expanded cable, but's nightly show, ATTACK OF THE SHOW appears to now have a regular Wednesday, or Thursday segment called FRESH INK, where they give a run-down on some recommended comics.

This week they gave love to THE WALKING DEAD, JUSTICE, and SHE-HULK.

Not only that, but the segments personality, Blair Butler, featured the books with knowledge and respect! How bout that?!?

You can link to AOTS and the FRESH INK blog HERE

For those that don't have digital cable, satellite, or whatever's required to pick up G4TV, it's a really cool network for video games, that features tons of content for the digital demographic. AOTS is a highlight for me, as it's kind of a gamer/tech/pop culture daily run-down. Often featuring comic book related content. Check it out if you can!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... And the dead shall inherit the video stores!

Also out today, on DVD, the long talked of return to the zombie saga for George Romero, LAND OF THE DEAD.

I must admit, I'd never actually seen any of the "zombie trilogy" until recently. Last year I caught Day of the Dead on cable, and was very underwhelmed, but just rented Night of the Living Dead (the original 1968 film) and Dawn of the Dead (the 1978 follow-up) and was thoroughly impressed. True classics, that hold up well to time, due to the strong survival-horror story elements coupled with cutting social commentary. The 2004 remake of Dawn garnered much attention, but the original far surpasses it.

Can't wait to see Land of the Dead!
You can visit the site HERE

HEY DJ! - Depeche Day

Don't forget, the new Depeche Mode is out today!
Playing the Angel

Visit for details.
The single, Precious, gives hope for the disc, but I've yet to find any DM that isn't enjoyable regardless...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: TPop cuts too deep?

The Beat links to an interesting discussion on TheEngine regarding the huge wave of OEL (original english language) creators (mostly new, unpublished talent) siging with rising manga publishing giant Tokyopop and the interesting contracts they're siging, that turn over a substantial percentage of rights for their properties to the publisher. It seems they're not as creator-friendly as what's to be found in comics.
Great discussion.
Check it out HERE

After reading through the thread, it’s clear that there’s a difference in viewpoint here that’s driving a chunk of the huge debate (that features many big name talents) - the folks from a comics/small press/self-publishing draw largely from a background in comics (generally episodic or franchise driven), while the OEL creators mostly come from a manga background (which is generally finite and story driven). Therefore, the comic creators are concerned by TPops contracts and their implications on a property, while the OEL creators see their work more as a stepping stone.

I’m not really too concerned with the points of these contracts one way or the other, I can see both sides, but I do find it alarming that the OEL creators can be so dismissive of their abilities or potential at this stage, in defense of their acceptance of the terms. Sure, we all strive to continue to improve our craft (I’d hope), but my perception is that creative types often have an arc to their abilities or potential, and it’s usually earlier in their career as opposed to later when they’re at their peak. Selling ones self short out the gates seems short sighted.

Or worse, they’re openly admitting they’re not striving for something special per se, just, ya know, doing what’s required of them (and that’s perhaps simplifying what’s been said, but it’s almost what many comments from the OEL creators seem to boil down to).

All of which drives home one point that was brought up that is perhaps the most telling, in that publishing contracts of this nature almost seem to build in a cap on creativity. But then, perhaps the stories they’re telling, and the audience they’re aimed at, for the most part, don’t ask more of them.

I’ve recently noticed many exciting creators from comics joining TPop (in addition to the vast array of new creators they’re bringing in) and have been keeping an eye out for all them. I also think if successful, this venture could really do good things for the medium, and the industry here in the US, something the comic book publishers have been unable to accomplish. I know many people are unsure about this move, and whether the bookstore/mainstream market will support it, but those are the same concerns people had about manga's growth in general, so I'm hopefull.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: The future of small press

Recently there was a nice little discussion over on between some publishers, retailers, and industry insiders regarding the recent changes to Diamond Comic Distributions independent publisher thresholds. An interesting little read.

You can find it HERE

IN CASE U MISSED IT: A new digital wrinkle...

Press release over on from regarding a new ebook/digital comic initiative/partnership with small press publishers/creators (I know, that's a lot of /'s!)

Another new wrinkle to the digital implementation of print comics.

Read more HERE

The PSP movement has been quiet so far.
We'll see how this plays out...

Monday, October 10, 2005

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Comic Book Downloads, the future?

Look, I don't claim to understand the download movement in any detail, I'm just starting to occasionally buy music via sites like iTunes, but I understand that comic books are as susceptible to this practice as music, and movies, etc.

Couple this with new emerging personal digital applications like the PSP, webcomics and comic book cd-roms, and the message is clear. We're going digital, it's inevitable, and for many reasons.

Rich Johnston's long running comic industry gossip column, LYING IN THE GUTTERS (a must read), made a bid at turning into full on legitimate journalistic endeavor a while back. Rich however, put it to a vote with the readers, and the gossip slant stuck. This weeks column however, shows Rich's journalistic aspirations in earnest when he examines the digitalization of comic books, and illegal downloading of content.

It's brief, and a little informative, but mainly just raises some valid questions, and highlights the industry's (and specifically the big two) reluctance to address it to this point.

Pop on over HERE to check it out.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Super Real notes and stuff...

Taken from my DeviantArt journal...

Hey all,

Just some notes on what's up with stuff...

Tomorrow (10/9) I'll be doing the Portland Comic Book Show. A long running smaller regional show, but I always do well and have a good time there.

I'm excited because MIKE ALLRED will be a guest, he's from Eugene, but hasn't been to the show in years, and I'm a geek for his pop-art-goodness!

Super Real issue 1 is still on target... "Stay on target. Stay on target!"... for November release, as long as Chinese boat freight can be counted on! (visions of spilled cargo containers litter my sleeping hours)

As you may have seen in the gallery, I did a last minute pin-up for a soon to be published book, I'll fill in the details once it's set in stone (but the pics kind of tell it all). Cool stuff!

CALLING ALL ARTISTS - I'm officially throwing the doors open to any and all who'd like to submit pin-ups and such of my characters. I can promise up to three things for all submissions 1) at least a spot in my website gallery 2) if I dig the piece, I can run it on my webcomic ( 3) if I really dig the piece, I'll find room for it in the print version of my book!

So, get to it!!


eBay attack! BUY MY STUFF!!

Hey all,
recently put up one short of a dozen eBay auctions for the latest books all the cool kids are reading, I've already sold the NEW AVENGERS, GIRLS, and SERENITY auctions though, so you better act fast!
These books are HOT!

CLICK HERE to help a brother out.

Friday, October 07, 2005

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... Serenity delivers the payload!

Since it's been out for a week now, and I saw it on opening day, it's past time to tell you about SERENITY

In case you haven't seen it yet, the Joss Whedon helmed space western TV show turned movie SERENITY delivers on all the goods.
It's got a full crew of characters, laughs, action, laughs, affects, characters, twists, drama, more laughs, and oh yeah, an edge of your seat ending that has you dreading the potential outcome.
It's fucking good!
See it if you like movies, TV, or entertainment. Really.

Now, my only minor quibble is that it really could've used more of a budget. It still hasn't escaped it's TV roots, and some scenes/sets really show it.

That's okay, the sequel should remedy that!
Dunno though, haven't heard anything about the numbers it's been doing...
Anyone know? Got a link? I'm lazy, come tell me...

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you where you should put a disc in your Netflix rental queue - placing it at the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.


It wasn't bad, but otherwise just generally watchable, with typical horror film trickery. That's about it...
Maybe rates a bottom QUEUE selection.


Val Kilmer puts his FBI trainees through hell, and then, surprise surprise, they really get in a pickle...
Not bad, it keeps you watching, and guessing, I guess...
SPOILER WARNING: And hey, it does get points for a really wicked offing of Christian Slater!!
A good mid QUEUE movie.


Better than most CG cartoons, but not among the best.
It is a fun, entertaining watch, and pretty solid throughout.
You could put worse movies at the top of your QUEUE

Monday, October 03, 2005

Stumptown Comics Fest – Swag

The second annual SCF was this last Saturday at the Portland State University Smith ballroom. SCF is a different breed of show, more in line with APE or SPX as an alternatevie/small press/indy showcase, with the promotion squarely on local creators. Building on a small start from the innagural outing, this years show featured 85 exhibitors, and easily outpaced last years attendance.

Now, I may be an independent/self-publisher, but my book is aimed more at a mainstream audience, so I suspected my throwing in with this lot would be a bit dicey, and it was. Really, no one at the show is much interested in mainstream fair, and even though my book reads more like an indy, it’s indeed a tough sell to that crowd. However, being a huge fan of all types of comics, I still much enjoyed getting a look at the other creators at the show. So, I’ll go ahead and share some of the cool things I picked up there.

As I said, there were a ton of local creators exhibiting at the show, and you can add to that list two of the area’s bigger publishers, TOP SHELF, and ONI PRESS. I actually was located right next to Top Shelf, who’s recent SuperFuckers is a highly recommended pick of mine if you haven’t tried it. I was glad to see Oni Press at the show too, because I’d been meaning to pick up a copy of Scott Pilgrim for some time (one of many small press sign-ups that never made it’s way to my shelf at my local shop). They were indeed there, and I grabbed a copy of SCOTT PILGRIM’s Precious Little Life, the first volume of the the buzz book from Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Now, as I said, I’d been meaning to get this book from the start, what with the fab cover design, cool artistic approach and fun subject matter, I was fairly confident I’d enjoy it. Turns out I was right, and then some. As I dug into the book later that night I quickly realized just how strong an effort it was. This book is a ton of fun. From the impeccable dialogue, to the incredible wholly unique art, cool characters, and perfectly staged finale, Scott Pilgrim volume one leaves me anxious for more. And luckily volume two is already out, with volume three on the way.

I urge any comics fan (especially those with manga, or indy sensibilities) to give this book a shot. It’s great!

Next up, Jack Spade & Tony Two-Fist from

Jack Spade was one of the offerings from Steve Rolston. Steve’s done a variety of work in the industry, including Pounded and Queen & Country with Oni, as well as Warren Ellis’s Mek to name a few, and Jack Spade is actually a collection of earlier web strips in comic form.

Jack Spade & Tony Two-Fist are a big bruiser and his penguin pal who like to throw down (drinks and fisticuffs) at the local watering hole, and features a few short stories with their exploits. While it’s not groundbreaking stuff, it does succeed with what it sets out to do, tell some short fun setups. Rolston’s art here is a touch more cartoony, but it’s deceptively simple as it demonsrates some great storytelling and comedic timing.

Jack & Tony is a great little read and recommended to any fans of Rolston, cartoons, or anthropomorphic characters. Just cruise to

A really nice mini-comic I picked up is FISTMAN from Say Uncle Comics and creator Joseph Bergin III.

Fistman is a delightful little tale, “Fistman Finds a Friend” to be precise. The titular character, a cute little dood with a giant fist meets up with Eyeman, and a series of events transpires as Eyeman proceeds to enrage Fistman with his selection of friends (including the likes of Buttman and Horribledisease man). Here the art is perfectly suited and builds on the crazy events with tones that illustrate the changing moods. A nice touch to the already appealing linework.

Fistman is #1 of 3, and is 8 pages for $1. I should have picked up the full run, it’s fun stuff, that had me laughing out loud. Check it out at

And last I thought I’d mention a postcard I picked up from a really cool illustrator at the show, Joshua Ellingson.

Joshua had several impressive prints and goodies at the show including this Godzilla vector drawing. Check out his website at

So next year, I believe around mid-June, if you're in the NW area make sure and attend the Stumptown Comics Fest, it's a solid event that's quickly on the upswing. It features solid local talent, programming, and even has an after party with free pizza, Red Bull, a DJ, and more (though I was too big a nerd to attend).
For more info, go to