Tuesday, April 11, 2006

HEY DJ! - Speaking of music...

I don't often touch on music on TSL as much as I'd like to, I guess it's just harder to write about...
I've often thought I'd like a section on one of the sidebars uptop where there's a "now playing" with a disc cover and link, etc.
but then I never want to set that up!

So, for the time being, while I'm thinking about, perhaps what I'll do is start featuring a current play list, maybe once a month, to give a taste of what fuels my productivity.
Sound good? (no pun intended my friends)

Okay, here's the current play list:


MOGWAI - Mr. Beast - Don't know what you'd classify this as, indie, alternative, guitar noise? Dig it. Not as good as their last disc though, I think...
YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Show Your Bones - Nother that could be classified as indie/alternative. Cept, you know, you've heard of them... This disc, while doesn't appear to have any monster tracks like last time, sounds very solid overall.
GOLDFRAPP - Supernature - Love Goldfrapp's Black Cherry, their last disc (the best of 2003), but the thing is they change with each record... Supernature, though good, is a more commercial extension of the synthed out vibes they took to orgasmic extremes last time. So, go figure, now they're on the radio... I call this music electronic, and don't bother with the sub-genres...


SONIC YOUTH - A Thousand Leaves
INTERPOL - Turn on the Bright Lights
SONIC YOUTH - Sonic Nurse (Love this disc!!)
JET - Get Born
MIKE DOUGHTY - Haughty Melodic
KAISER CHIEFS - Employment
DAFT PUNK - Human After All

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