Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I SAW IT ON TV: Reality Roundup 4/19

Even though Pickler is quite possibly brain dead, and woefully murdered her song, she didn't even make the bottom three!?
But I'm cool with Ace leaving, and billy-bob rocker-dude making an appearance in the bottom cut...

I'm really digging this show, after finally watching a season.
It's just really cool globe-trotting, and always interesting, especially now that the competition's thinning out...

Tomorrow looks to have someone leave due to a medical emergency... uh oh!

One of the better seasons so far, as the cast is great and have interesting chemistry.

Caught the last few weeks in reruns, and it's not a bad season, with a good cast, interesting drama, and location. Russian princess Svetlanna continues to hog the camera as the cast deals with her spoiled ways.

And now a couple of non-reality notes...

Wonder Showzen is back on MTV2 for a second season, but so far I've just caught bits of episodes. It looks to be on target for the same off color brew of child programming hijinks though...

Who would've thought there'd ever be a show centered around Tori Spelling, or more to the point, that it'd be so damn good!
Okay, so the show isn't exactly great television, but it is a raunchy, witty, fast paced mix of Seinfeld, Sex and the City, and Entourage. The day to day stories of a Hollywood-type and her click.
Give this one a try if you haven't, you might be surprised!

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