Friday, April 07, 2006

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Around the web...

The current Eric Larsen column on, ONE FAN'S OPINION, gives some tips to the aspiring creators on how to start out learning the craft of comics, by actually studying it...
It's pretty basic, and should be fairly obvious, but as always, the experience he has gives insights worth your time.

Earlier on, Steven Grant's PERMANENT DAMAGE column this week tackled:
CELLULOID DREAMS: lessons to be learned from V FOR VENDETTA, and what should comics expect from the movies, anyway?
This line in summary gives you an idea where he's going:

If we can get over the misapprehension that a film based on a comic book is somehow a reflection or replacement of that material, and see movies made from comics as what they really are - subsidies - individual talent and the business at large would have an easier time of dealing with them.
Basically, he cautions that we should stop expecting Hollywood to treat comcis any different than any other source material, where things often times have to be changed for the screen. I still think films like Sin City show us it doesn't need to be that way, but obviously, not every comic can be a direct translation. Also, I'd still like to see the US get over it's hang ups over animation, and see comic books created as animated features, true to the source, similar to Japan's Anime industry. Sure digital effects allow us to do more now than before with live action, but comic books are much more closely tied to animation, and would translate much better as such (in most cases).

Entertainment Weekly often covers comic books, and I noticed they recently put up some reviews of the DC comics One Year Later books. Not my cup of comics, but woth a look if you're digging on that.

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