Wednesday, April 26, 2006

IN CASE U MISSED IT: A call to arms! links to an article over on, where they pose the question, where are digital comic books from the big publishers?

From the article, in reference to the big two's response of "No comment" in regards to queries regarding any potential digital comics plans:
Here's why that's so strange: In 2004, Marvel had net sales of $513 million. Of that, only 16 percent came from comics. The rest was from licensing characters for movies, TV, and toys. In other words, comic books - the actual printed artifacts - have become little more than marketing materials. Scary as that might be for fans, the publishers must have realized it. But it begs the question of why those publishers aren't embracing digital distribution when it could be free and easy evangelizing for the next summer blockbuster.

Even better, it could save their business. The comics industry has for years been worried about acquiring new readers from a demographic that's more likely to download their entertainment than beg Mom for a lift to the store on a Wednesday night. Ignore the Net and you're ignoring these potential customers.
Check it out HERE

Not only does this bring to light the need for more effort to bring comics to digital (yes, webcomics are here already, but we're referring to the current US comic book industry, the printed industry), but it also shows plain-and-simple, how much the big companies are just corporations devoted to maintaining licenses.

The time for revolution is indeed now, but in more ways than one.

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