Thursday, April 06, 2006


Video game artist by day, and comic book creator by night, Edward Pun (variant cover artist for Super Real issue two) has some entries over on his blog, the E.Pun Sketchbook, that might be of interest to TSL readers (as if being an artist associated with Super Real wasn't enough reason to check him out!).

The first item is a posting just up featuring a sketch I did for him at the Emerald City Comic Con along with notes on his contribution for issue two, plus there's also a con wrap up from the aforementioned ECCC last weekend!

Stop by and tell him "HI" from TSL!!
And while we're on the topic, here's the incredible sketch Ed did for me of his character Jade! He's a stud!

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e.pun said...

Hey! That's not fair... you posted my sketch. oh wait, since I posted your sketch... I guess it IS fair. Dang it...

Yeah, I'll see ya at SDCC. It'll be good times. :)