Thursday, April 06, 2006


On my list of to-do's is a fan-art page or section for the website, until then I guess I'll just start posting them here...

Here's a really cool fan art I just got today from Hainanu Saulque.

Hainanu picked up a sketchbook from me at Wondercon and was inspired to do this piece on Shana, aka Pirate Grrrl ( is registered, and also on my to-do list).

Looks like Hainanu is an aspiring clothing designer in addition to comic book artist!

Thanks Hainanu!!

Just click for the full view.


Jason Berek-Lewis said...

That pic is AWESOME ... I can't decide wether Shana or Holly is my favourite SR girl ... Although, I used to have a thing for a Canadian girl called "Holly" which is a long story for another time!

Som is a real website?

Jason Martin said...


Yeah, pretty cool hunh?!
Have you checked out the pin-up contest submissions?

"Som is a real website?"

It will be, I registered the domain name ( wasn't available, thus the extra "r"). I imagine once I get it hosted, it'll just point to a page on (or vice versa).
But I do have plans for PirateGrrrl t-shirts and what-not. I have some cool designs/themes for it. Just something to make it fun, having it be a real site and merch.