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Well folks, I knew things had to come down a touch, the run I'd had on reviews was pretty impressive, scoring just about high grades unanimously on issue 1, and starting off that way on issue 2. Over the long con-weekend though, I got several more reviews in on issue 2, that were a mixed-bag.

One rave review, two so-so reviews, and one well, an ugly one. But hey, it's not gonna get me down, the response is still overwhelmingly positive, and even the reviews that are middle ground are eager to see more. And it's not like I didn't expect this reaction. Super Real starts off very slow, almost all character and set up for the first two issues, with the crux of the premise not unfolding until our pending third issue. That's the arc of our story, and issue three is where all of the crazy ideas and fun begins to come fast and furious. So, stick around, or tune in then, it's gonna be crazy!!

Here are the reviews from the last few days:
3/29 TheFourthRail.com - Last year Randy Lander of TheFourthRail.com gave the advance edition of issue one a very favorable review, and his partner Don MacPherson did not review the book. I went ahead and sent Don a copy of issue 2 (since Randy no longer does reviews) and well, he hated it... gave it a 2 out of 10.

Frankly, I didn't expect the book to be Don's cup of tea, from what I know of him as a reviewer, but I really wanted to see for sure. That's how much I believe in the book folks, I'm confident it can appeal to even those who may be jaded to it's approach or style, and win more battles than it loses. Maybe next time...

4/2 - TheComicFanatic.com raved about the latest issue and gave it the highest grade possible, an overall grade A+

As I read this review aloud to my wife, I realized quickly she'd think I was kidding, and making it up myself. They flat out loved the book, and you'd swear I wrote this thing (I didn't, honest). It's not really a surprise since the folks at ComicFanatic have been vocal supporters since the preview books, but it's still always nice to see the book hit the mark with folks to this degree, a real joy.

4/2 - BrokenFrontier.com does not give any kind of summary grade, but rather they just analyze the book. The reviewers take on number 2 while favorable, still had some reservations about the direction of our story.

Basically, the reviewer is really a fan of the concept and the book, but is anxious to see it in full bloom. Me too! Issue number 3 is where things all come together, and jump off from there. Check out the comments thread HERE and post your support for the book there if you like.

4/3 SilverBulletComicBooks.com - Another reviewer that admires the book and concept, but is eager for the genetic enhancements, giving issue 2 21/2 bullets out of 5.

A quote from the review that summarizes things, "Super Real is turning out to be a mixed bag still in search of its groove."
So, again, the approach I've taken with the book, is story first. We don't start off with action, or even reveal the genetic enhancements till issue 3. I know this is a tough formula to follow for a self-published book from a newcomer, but ultimately, I'm serving the story, and we're out to tell an epic story here, with a beginning, middle, and end. Along the way I've pulled out all the stops to keep it entertaining throughout while trying not to force anything (vis-a-vis an action sequence, or flash-forward early on, just for the sake of doing it), but for those frustrated, waiting for the meat of the story, have no fear, that begins next issue!
You can comment on this review too, HERE

So, one guy loves it, another hates it, and two more really dig the book and the concept but want to see more bells and whistles, which we've got coming in spades. I'd say that's pretty good, especially in light of the tons of favorable words we've already received.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and snag your copies while you can, and prepare for lift off!!


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Jason Berek-Lewis said...

Some great reviews, well done! I will put up my hand early to review #3 for Broken Frontier!