Monday, April 24, 2006

SUPER REAL NOTES - A couple more issue 1 and 2 reviews

The first is HERE on, featured on the Comics You Should Be Reading column! Just scroll down a bit, or first read their thoughts on American Idol (it's a reality tv theme).
The reviewer doesn't like the pacing/start with issue 1, but does recommend issue 2 and 3. Also, they theorize that my pacing/writing style is a send up, or influence of Brian Bendis, it's not. I dig on some Bendis, love Ultimate Spider-Man, and New Avengers is hit and miss, but I don't ape his style, that's just how I write, I like witty dialogue. Tarantino comes to mind more than Bendis in that regard...
Also, they take the book as straight up parody, as do many, for the record, it's not. I can sure see where that opinion comes from, but I personally see the book as having fun with these themes (reality tv, comic book fiction, etc), and the likenesses I use are born from "casting" and not intentional parody (I didn't write this story with the intent of spoofing the administration, they just fit the story, for example). Though, admittedly, having cast likenesses the way I did, I do indulge in some parody... so take that for what it's worth. I just mean to say, this is not Mad Magazine folks. The purpose of the story isn't parody. It's it's own thing.

Next is a lukewarm review over on TheJohnnyBacardiShow blog, HERE
He only gives it a C+ (a grade I'd be happy with in anything but art!), but he does say this: "Martin shows some promise... I do believe this is worth your time, if the premise sounds interesting to you."
Among other things.
Again, just scroll down a bit after the link.

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