Monday, April 24, 2006

SUPER REAL NOTES - ISSUE 3 - Unannounced variant

Production of issue 3 is moving along as we close in on the targeted release of this June. This is the issue where our cast finally get their genetic enhancements, and nano-skin-jump-suits! The big one!!

Not only do we have the first Pin-Up-and-Coming Contest to select a full page pin-up from an unpublished artist to be featured in the issue (see the winner HERE)!
I've also just completed an ad to support the issue:
And as you can see, I've now added a third variant cover for issue 3. Though it was originally solicited with just two covers, a regular cover (by me) and a 1 in 4 variant by Hector Sevilla (Alias Comics' LULLABY), I've had such good fortune at acquiring guest covers from exciting established artists, I've simply got too many to fit in, so I've added a kick ass cover from Felipe Smith, creator of Tokyopop's MBQ (see my review HERE). The only dilemma though, is that issue 3 was already solicited with two covers (a regular and the Sevilla variant), so I've decided to make the Felipe Smith cover a third 1 in 4 variant. Now, there'll be a regular cover along with two 1 in 4 variants.
While I don't really desire having that many covers for any single issue, I think the Felipe cover ties in nicely with the first enhancements (and the Hector cover was already announced for issue 3, so I can't push it back).
Plus, it's a nice way to celebrate our third issue, with three covers!
So, I'm excited to spread the word about the change, once we get closer to release, and hopefully it can drum up some extra attention for this exciting issue (which is also a great jumping on point)! (Hmmm, perhaps I should work that into the add as well?)

So, tell your friends and retailers to get those pre-orders in on issue 3, it's going to be a hot one!
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