Tuesday, August 01, 2006

CON SWAG: San Diego Comic Con 06 #2

I'm still recovering from San Diego, but it's time to visit another cool item I scored while at the con!


For those that follow SUPER REAL or TSL close enough, you'll recognize the name, Edward has contributed the variant cover to issue 2 of SUPER REAL, as well as 5 interior pages on the upcoming SUPER REAL SPECIAL! Ed's a video game artist for Suckerpunch (makers of the SLY COOPER franchise) up in the Seattle area, and I'd been impressed with his various mini comics at Seattle cons over the years, so one thing led to another and I was fortunate enough to work with him. I say fortunate because Ed's quite the talented comic book artist, with the skill and ability to tell manga style or more traditional comics (if only he didn't make that big video game money to keep him from pursuing comics full time!)...

Ed was going to be at San Diego con for his day job, so I offered to put one of his books out on the Super Real table, and this awesome new sketchbook was born! MANGA TOONZ is a 24 page black and white ash can size book, but it's primo quality and chocked full of Ed's sketches, designs, characters and comic samplings. From his manga inspired character JADE: MONSTER HUNTER to his upcoming one-shot SCARLET FIELDS, with movie pin ups from SIN CITY and PULP FICTION, and no shortage of cute girls, MANGA TOONZ is a hoot! Ed also adds a quick sketch to the back inside cover of each copy, all for only $5.

I think he still had a few copies left after the show, so you might be able to score one directly from him at his website EdwardPun.com

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e.pun said...

Coolness! Thanks for pimping the sketchbook. ;)

Also, thanks again for allowing me to sit with you behind the table at the SDCC. It was a blast!