Sunday, August 27, 2006

eBay TIME!

Haven't gone through my read comics (the ones I've read but not filed) in quite some time (filing them is a whole nother story...), and hadn't put anything on eBay in about a year. I usually put anything that can sell that I don't absolutely have to keep on eBay, because well, I'm always in need of cash (starving no, but perennially broke yes!)...

Soooo, it's way past time for some clearing out, and I've put over 20 lots on since yesterday, with perhaps a few more to come. All current/recent and many "hot" items, a couple have already sold (the Ultimate Spider-Man lot, and the Ultimate FF 21-23 debut of the MARVEL ZOMBIES) with other Ultimate titles, Brian Wood books, New Avengers, Girls, Godland, etc etc!

Have a look HERE and see if there's anything you've been meaning to add to your collection.

The sets are quite affordable, and I can always use the support! :)


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