Saturday, August 05, 2006

San Diego Comic Con - House of Blues dinner sketch off '06

As I mentioned briefly in my con wrap up for San Diego, one of the nights my wife and I went out with a large group of artists and friends, who've either worked on Super Real or are friends of me and the book. One of the great things about doing cons is getting to know your neighbors, or other local artists, as well as meeting artists that you've only known online until a big show like SDCC (and then sketching to the death!).

This year I'd made tentative plans to have dinner with my neighbor from last year's show, David Montoya (Moho). The night we'd worked out getting together, I'd also invited along some other friends, Clay Hollifield (Alien Boy) who I've known for some time from local NW area shows, Edward Pun (Super Real issue 2 variant artist, upcoming Super Real Special) who was at the show for his work and hanging out at the table occasionally, and Hector Sevilla (Lullaby) issue 3 variant artist and his friend Simon Bork (colorist - Seed). Quite a diverse group, with Ed and Clay being from the NW like myself and my wife Tami, and then David from New York, with Hector from Chihuahua Mexico, and Simon all the way from Germany! With all of us involved in comics at various levels (and willing to enter a no holds barred sketch off at a moments notice!!).
Since it was a good sized group, and the con spills out into the neighboring Gas Lamp district post show each evening, we knew it may be a struggle to find a spot for dinner, therefore my wife suggested the House of Blues, since we had dined their last year and knew it was on the other end of town (thus hopefully increasing our chances of finding space). The only problem was that we were following my wife, who is a bit directionally challenged... but after only a minor setback we arrived at the House of Blues, just in time for a canceled reservation of 6 to open up space for us. What luck! (Now our sketch session of doom could begin!)

Once inside my wife took out a notepad and asked all of the artists to do a little sketch for her... (under penalty of death at rebuffing her request, or course!)
In the meantime once drink orders were placed, we discovered Simon, although he'd been legal to drink beer in Germany for anywhere from 4 to 2 years, was only 20 and could not legally do so in our great country. That was the only downer of the evening, but it made for good material in the sketchbook (of doom)!

Here are the sketches from each of us (dealt out with punishing brutality and fury!!), with links to the artists featured.
(okay, so it wasn't really sketch or be killed, just some fun doodles while waiting for food!)
This is Hector's take on the group, with Simon at the bar dealing with his lack of service... notice the small Sgt. Frog behind Hector (on the floor) at the table!
Dave was apparently hungry while sketching (pre dinner), but to my memory, did not actually order chicken (nor does he much resemble Street Fighter II villain Blanka, as rendered here)
Ed gives us the rundown on the toll the con has taken on him...
Apparently Clay was feeling saintly!
Here's a quick shot by me of my wife en route to the House of Blues (or rather not, as the case was)...
And finally we have Simon's valiant effort to draw (he's a colorist ya know), with visions of inferior American beer still in his head...

This was great fun, hope it comes across in the translation!
Looking forward to San Diego next year already!!
(And this time we sketch to the death I say!)

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