Wednesday, August 23, 2006



Hello all, just writing real quick, since I've been quiet for so long about the status of the book, and not continued with updates, to assure everyone that things are moving forward...

First off, the book is nearly upon us, honest!
Just been wrestling with some issues that took much longer than expected, namely:
1) Trying to set up a new printer
2) Previously set up a new promotion with Diamond
and 3) Finishing up the book itself.

Throwing a wrench in all of this was the peak con season, making things very difficult to wrangle on all angles, it's just not a good time to try any of those items as everyone is pulled and stretched to the limit in the comic biz from mid July to mid August.

Any way, I should be moments away from finalization on the last hurdle, and once things are firmed up I'll be glad to share the exact details with everyone far and wide!

Let me just say, as I have before, no one could be more sorry about having the book this late than me, something that I never wanted to have happen on all accounts, but it has, and for that I apologize. However, I'm becoming more and more proud and excited about the finished product (the third issue), and the upcoming plans beyond that!
Can't wait to share all soon!

Thanks, and STAY TUNED,


Jukka said...

So what is the official release date for Issue #3? :)

Jason Martin said...

Barring a miracle, it'll be first or second week of... September... snif snif.

I will of course trumpet the horns as soon as I have any official schedule (should have within a few hours to a few days).

Stay tuned! :)