Wednesday, September 06, 2006

COMICS REVIEW: Invincible 18-34

There are a number of comics I follow, that don't get read on a monthly basis, either I like reading them in longer runs, or I just get behind (this mostly happens with limited series). Invincible is one such book for me.

I've read it since it first came out (I recall there were 3 or 4 titles, all new, all superheroes, that Image launched at the same time, and I think Invincible's the only one that made it... was Noble Causes launched at the same time?). Any way, although the themes in Invincible are tried and true, writer Robert Kirkman hits all the right notes, and creates an immersive world full of great characters and sub plots.

I can't believe it's been 2 years since I last caught up with the book!

So, how are the adventures of Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, proceeding since I left off? Is the series maintaining, is it improving?
The answers are undoubtedly yes!

Invincible continues to be one of the best ongoing super hero books out there. It's filled with great conflicts for the hero, both emotionally and literally. It's got multiple subplots that range from a couple issues, to the length of the series. Love triangles, family issues, cosmic adventure, drama, crisis, you name it! It's really great.

The art from Ryan Ottley is great too. His super clean lines and unique style are a pleasure, and his storytelling only ever enhances the great scripts that Kirkman provides. It's quite a combo.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Invincible is equal to, or maybe even better, than the similarly themed Ultimate Spider-man. It's the perfect, classic-style super hero comic book series.

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