Monday, September 25, 2006

I SAW IT ON TV: New fall shows

Okay, the fall TV season debuts are in full swing, so thought I'd weigh in quickly on what I've seen...

HEROES - NBC: The debut episode was good. I like how they weave different elements coming together, the people with powers, the professor/conspiracy plot thread, the bigger picture purpose. I don't like how it's a hodge podge of X-Men and Rising Stars/Supreme Power. We'll see.

JERICHO - CBS: I love survival situations, zombie, nuclear war, anything that plays with those themes is interesting to me and worth a watch. That said, there was a lot to like here, but quite a bit to be leary of too. The concept and plot were great, most of the cast were good too (Gerald McRaney was great in Deadwood, and I like him from Simon and Simon back in the day, and Ashley Scott I've liked since Birds of Prey), but the script and some of the acting was suspect. As with all of these, and really any new show, the jury is still out. But I look forward to where this is going, and learning more about the mysteries the series sets up... just what has transpired?
SPOILER WARNING - My early guess, some kind of terrorist plot that's set off US nuclear silos. Otherwise, why was there no advance warning regarding the assumed nuclear explosions?

SMITH - CBS: This one boasts an all-star cast, with movie actors in all the roles, but the theme was a heist drama, and we got a lame attempt at that last season on NBC, so I was a bit leary coming in. After watching the debut, I was beyond impressed. I loved the cast and their characters (Simon Baker and his dementedly twisted character stood out, and Lioata in the lead is fabulously reserved as the Tony Soprano of the bunch), the writing, the plotting, everything. I love how there's more to it than just the heist/challenge driving things. Many layers. It's good. Not sure how they can do this on regular basis, network series schedule though. But wow, it was great!

STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP - NBC: So far it's been fun to watch. The writing's a bit too on the nose at times, but it's a good time. Not sure there's enough there to make a series out of, but I'll keep watching to find out.

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