Thursday, September 21, 2006


As much as I like to think my newsletter is the first source for news items, getting the real fans the inside track to all things Super Real, my blog is probably the actual spot for "you heard it hear first" in terms of Super Real... Well, on that theme...

ISSUE 3 confirmed in stores next Wednesday, 9/27!

It's official, I've confirmed with Diamond that Super Real issue 3 is in stock at their warehouses, and should be shipping next week to comic shops everywhere!!

After some delays and headaches with the new printer, they came through and got the books to the distributor on my drop dead date (and I literally almost dropped dead in anticipation).
As getting copies to Diamond was the key, I've yet to see a copy of the book myself. There's a good chance I'll be seeing it for the first time with the rest of you at the shops next Wednesday. (As I mentioned here before though, I did see the proofs and the book looks great.)

So, start those lines down the block in front of shops now to get your copies!! It's going to have the cast in uniform, using their enhancements, and more than a few revelations and surprises!!
Oh yeah, and quite possibly the coolest enhancement ever :)

For more details on the issue please hop over to the website, or check out this previous post


H.C.Noel said...

That's great news! I can't wait to see the final product!

joeldanford said...

That's a great pic of W too ;)

Jason Martin said...

Thanks guys!

I can't wait either, and yes I dig that pic too! :D

Crazz said...

That's great news Jason!! I'm really looking forward to reading it.

Now, how soon until Issue #4 comes out??????

Jason Martin said...


Issue 3.5, aka the Super Real Special, is due January/February!!

Stay tuned for info on that...
It's gonna be aWesomE!