Monday, September 11, 2006

TALES FROM NETFLIX - Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis

Tales From Netflix are DVD picks that are off the beaten path, that I really enjoy, and wish the rest of the world would try... ha ha!!

Title - SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis
Rating - not rated
Length - 95 minutes

Think this one sounds crazy??!?
It is!!
Crazy good too!

Sars Wars is a Thai film, and is subtitled, it's also a zombie movie of sorts, but as with other recent indy zombie outings (Dead and Breakfast, Undead), it puts a unique spin on the genre and/or uses zombies as an element in the story more than making it the main focus. So, if you're looking for a straight up zombie flick, Sars Wars doesn't quite deliver, but it does have plenty of zombie action, and some new takes on the genre as well.

The story centers on a hostage school girl, and her gangster father of sorts, looking to sidestep the kidnappers ransom, by employing a wily friends services. Enter our hero, Khun Krabi, a young man who just happens to wear bizarre spandex and crazy accessories... the fact that he splits his pants while wielding his sword fast enough to disarm, and defrock, the hired goons and everyone in the room should give you some indication of the tone. Sars Wars is a slap stick comedy, with horror, gore, action, and crazy ideas thrown around at breakneck pace.

Basically, Khun Krabi, and his elder master must navigate a condo filled with super Sars infected zombies, to find and rescue the girl from her captors. Along the way, avoiding and eventually joining forces with the doctors and commandos sent in to contain the outbreak.

But wait, oh yes, there's more, much more! For instance, besides the cool, wild, and vibrant cast of characters, actors, zombies, and CG creatures, besides the awesome character designs and costumes, besides the zippy editing, and crafty camerawork, there's also animation. The movie opens with a fun animation sequence, and also features a couple more during the film, acting as flashback sequences! The animation is well done, and a nice blend of western and eastern styles. Sort of like the Kill Bill animation sequence, only it's Sars Wars, so you know, more fun, and goofy.

If you enjoy genre bending, in your face, cutting edge cinema, or zombies, or action, or slapstick comedy movies, Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis is for you! A quote from the movie, "We have zombies, a bomb, and now a giant snake..." kind of sums it all up!!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Seek this one out, it's well worth the effort!!

You can learn more about the movie, including viewing the trailer, at it's site HERE

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H.C.Noel said...

They better make a prequel trilogy of Sars!

Jason Martin said...

But they haven't even done a sequel!!!

Yes, the title is a blatant Star Wars send up, but the original title was Khan Krabi I think... I believe this is just the American title. Aside from that, there really aren't many Star Wars elements... although there is a battery operated green freeze sword, that is very lightsaber-ish!!!

I could go for a sequel, or prequel though :)

Jason Martin said...

Sars Wars: The Zombies Strike Back!

Jason Martin said...

Sars Wars: Return of Khan Krabi!

H.C.Noel said...

Those titles rule! What would you call a sequel that takes place in the middle of the story? Not a prequel...more just like extra stuff I guess? A miquel? I don't think anyone's ever done that...and for good reason!

joeldanford said...

"What would you call a sequel that takes place in the middle of the story? Not a prequel...more just like extra stuff I guess?"