Friday, October 13, 2006


Okay kidz... time for a new feature, and an interactive one at that.
Basically, starting this week, of all the books that come out each week I'll pick one that's my favorite, and post it here. Then, and this is the interactive part, you can add your favorite of the week to the comments section.

If we all share, it could be a fun little discussion about the best comics out there!
But that's the key, commenting, sharing, otherwise it's just me rattling on about comics...
Don't pick up new books each week? Then recommend something you read recently!


So, this week was a big one, there were lots of books I was looking forward to.
First off, I've been waiting to check out the new Dead@17 ongoing series from Josh Howard, and I'm a huge Gen13 fan from way back, so the reboot of that had me anxious (but skeptical), both books had issue 1's out this week. Then there's the debut of Cable in Ultimate X-Men 75, and the very impressive Brubaker run continues with Uncanny X-Men 479. This week also saw the debut of the new Rick Spears series, The Pirates of Coney Island, and if you haven't yet, you really need to check out Rick's first book, Teenagers From Mars, that was EPIC!

So, what won out?
What's my pick of the week this time?

I'm going to have to go with Dead@17 #1.
Pirates was fun, great art, interesting, vibe-ish, cool.
Uncanny had another great issue, with a couple more laugh out loud moments, and "Aw yeah, fucking X-men!" moments too (and really, I haven't had many of those lately).
Gen13 though, after starting strong-ish got progressively worse, to make me wonder by the end why on Earth they rebooted for this??
Soooo, Dead@17 is it.
Great first issue, with a nice little opening moment for returning fans, followed up with the origin of our new series with character introductions and fateful events. It was fun, looking forward to more.

That's it, til next week.

So, now, tell me, what was your favorite pick this week???

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