Thursday, October 26, 2006


Okay I'm a bit late (and no one played along last time... sniff sniff) but it's time for my new interactive feature, THE COMIC PICK OF THE WEEK.
Again, each week I'll look at all the books I pick up from the new releases at the comic shop, and pick my favorite. Then, and this is the interactive part (hint hint), you can add your favorite of the week to the comments section.

You can do eeeeet!!!

Last week was a big one for new number ones and Wildstorm in particular.

Back in the day, Wildstorm was by far my favorite comic line. They had great creators, focusing on solid contemporary artists, and a great superhero universe, that was also contemporary. Then Jim Lee started doing work for hire at DC and his Wildstorm line languished. Well, it's back big time, and last week we had Gen13 #1 (unimpressive), and this week it's time for the new Grant Morrison Wildcats and Authority to debut. I looove Morrison's writing, so these are perfect for me, but so far, I'll need future issues to really dig on the titles. So, again, Wildstorm, as much as I loved their stuff before, doesn't win.

Then there's the new Virgin "Director's Cut" debut from John Woo and Garth Ennis, 7 Brothers. This was good, but not great. Strong art, decent story, but nothing too special in the concept and script. Again time will tell on this one...

Of the rest, I'm still digging on Girls from Image, but until something new and exciting happens, it's just a solid read, not a pick o' the week... and also Cassanova, and as much as I wanted to love issue 5 here, and make this the pick of the week, I just couldn't do it, this series is great, I absolutely love it, one of my new favorite titles, but this issue wasn't up to par for me.

PICK OF THE WEEK: X-Men First Class #2

Okay, I feel crazy for doing it, but this book just totally charmed me. Issue one was okay, but the series itself is limited, as in figuratively (yes it's a literal limited series too). Taking the original fab 5 x-students and exploring some never told early adventures, while something I really dig (as I remember seeing little ads for the original X-Men in late 70's early 80's Marvel books, but never coming across a title that showcased them), the scope of the series is far from grand. Just simple stories focusing on the original team, but oddly in a generic modern setting, not true continuity, not ultimate contemporary. All that said, it's great to see stories with this cast (original hairless Beast is one of my favorite characters), and while issue one was nothing too special, I thought Jeff Parker's scripting here really stood out, and showcased some truly inventive, genuine, and fun character moments. And when that's all you have to hang a series on, the book works well when that's accomplished! I've also always enjoyed Roger Cruz's artwork, and it's solid here too, yet different, a little stiffer and more generic than his stuff usually is, but nice to look at.

So there you have it, that was last week in comics for me.

How about you, what was your favorite pick of the week???

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