Wednesday, October 11, 2006

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Grindhouse on YouTube

Okay, so I linked to my first YouTube clip earlier this week, Google paid bazillions o' dollars to buy the site, and now I'm linking to another clip... all in the span of a couple days. Tipping point anyone?

Anyway, if you're a Tarantino fanatic like me, or a Rodriguez head (his stock rose tremendously with me after Sin City natch)... then Grindhouse is for you! Or if you just like in your face down and dirty cinema you're probably as excited and feverish with anticipation over the dos directors upcoming double feature as I am.
The good folks at had a link to the YouTube'd trailer this AM... and it's very cool!

Not sure how much of this is just the mock trailers that run between the features, but we don't even get a glimpse of Kurt Russell drivin his deathmobile, and you know that's gonna be fuckin cool!!!
Can't wait!

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