Thursday, October 05, 2006



As anyone who follows the book knows by now, the next issue to come from Super Real is the first ever Super Real Special, SUPER REAL VS THE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY, which will hit shops this February.
I've already announced the format and even previewed a couple sections at San Diego Comic Con, but I haven't yet announced the full line up of guest artists that are contributing. I recently started hinting that there's a big name artist attached to the project, and with things rolling along, I think it's time for full disclosure...

The format is one story told in 5 parts, with each section spotlighting one of our five reality show cast members using their newfound genetic enhancements against stand-ins for comic book icon challengers. The special is entirely scripted by me, and I even draw one section, but the other four scripts are brought to life by guest artists. So, the book not only highlights the series concepts, but it also features some exciting up and coming sequential talent. As if that wasn't enough, one of the sections will be by an established pro, and popular artist who's worked for Oni, Image, Marvel and more!

That's right, JIM motherf'n MAHFOOD will be the first Super Real Special "featured artist"!
Along with Jim on art chores, the full lineup will be:
Participant 1 (Holly Hood) - The Boo (Super Real Shorts)
Participant 2 (Michael Dasquea) - Me (series creator/artist)
Participant 3 (Kityana Bliss) - Edward Pun (issue 2 variant cover, video game artist)
Participant 4 (Warren Campbell) - Jim Mahfood (indy legend)
Participant 5 (Shana Payne) - Daniel Campos (BloodRayne)

Again, each section highlights one cast member in battle against familiar looking foes from the comic industry, and I'm keeping the full lineup of foes secret for the time being (hint, they're not actual comic book icons, but ya know, sort of like them).

The book will be standard size (32 pages), but extra length (roughly 28 pages of story), in black and white, mature readers, with a $3.50 cover price.
It will be in comic shops February 2007, with 2 covers; a regular cover by me (see pic/ad), and a lower ratio ZOMBIE variant cover (yes, Super Real Zombies... you can't have a book highlighting the comic industry and not do something with zombies!!).

As of today, parts (participants) 1 and 3 are fully completed, with the scripting complete on the rest of the book, and the artwork for my section already under way.

Trust me, this book is going to be so a total blast. It showcases the Super Real concept, at the expense of comics/characters everyone knows, it features a great selection of artwork, and takes place between the events of issues 3 and 4. An all out action, mash-up, remix, joy ride extravaganza!
Oh yeah, plus we get to see Warren/The Tool's new secondary enhancement in action for the first time!!

Be sure and tune in tomorrow for a Super Real Special-centric contest, where we'll give out a set of issue 3 variant covers to a lucky winner!!
And stay tuned for more info and previews right here on the TSL blog!


10/7 UPDATE: Lets move the TSL contest to monday 10/9, please tune in then for the details.


H.C.Noel said...

This special issue is a great idea. The line up is top notch and I love your takes on those other comic book icons!

Jason Martin said...

Hey, thanks a lot man!

I'm really looking forward to this one!! Glad you like what I'm cooking up!