Tuesday, March 20, 2007

SUPER REAL NOTES - Special reviews

The reviews for the Super Real Special #1: Super Real VS The Comic Book Industry started to come in last week, and here are the first two that I've seen (they were both pretty short and sweet, so I'll include the full write-ups along with the links):

While I don't believe that this is the strongest entry in the series, SUPER REAL VS. THE COMIC INDUSTRY continues to engage in the same wackiness that has become a hallmark of the series. This special is different in that it pretty much pits the team against characters who embody the comic book clich├ęs that tend to dominate the industry. Each chapter is illustrated by a different artist with creator Jason Martin doing the writing chores. It's a light read to be sure but there's enough fun in it to keep SUPER REAL fans happy as well as amuse potentially new readers.
- superhero

NEWSARAMA.com (Best Shots)
While it helps to be somewhat familiar with the team and concept of “Super Real”, it’s not completely necessary to enjoy this hilarious evisceration of epic brawls. As the cover bills it, this is an “all action special” wherein members of the team face off against a series of characters who are just a tiny bit analogous to famous comics faces. Much of the humor comes from those analogues, particularly the Marvelous Mutants. Creator Jason Martin clearly has a good time writing this, and he’s joined by some great artists, including Boo, Edward Pun, Daniel Campos and J.D., and Jim Mahfood (who delivers on the Mutants bit). For new readers, Martin does include a Super Real recap up front, and displays his fine musical taste in a list of faves near the back. Fun stuff.
- Troy Brownfield

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