Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I SAW IT ON TV: Lost finale

While I was away, fall TV wrapped up.

Idol was anti-climatic (Blake didn't wanna/need ta win), but you can't deny the power the show now has in the fading music industry.

Survivor was perhaps the best season since Pearl Islands and Rupert (or even longer), with many twists, shocking developments, and the ever prevalent wrinkles the producers throw out actually made for some great results again and again. (Plus I was pulling for Earl)

Heroes, haven't watched the last two episodes yet, so the jury's still out on that...
but I'll tell you now, I dug on Lost a lot more than Heroes after both came back from their respective breaks.

The Lost finale was great on so many levels and really paid off the whole third season in big ways, while also setting up a new formula to not only spin things around for the final 3 (shortened seasons), but hopefully do away with the dreaded, redundant flashback sequences!
So much action - the others beat-downs, big character moments - Hurly saving the day, cool settings - the undersea station, and the twist ending - bearded drugged-out future Jack.
For those that tuned out this season, you're missing out!

You can check out EW's comprehensive coverage of the show, including wrap ups and speculations, HERE

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