Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TSL has been MIA

Well, took a couple weeks off.
11 days in Mexico, a 4 day camping trip...
but I'm back.

Tuesday is the new Monday.

Things around mi casa are seriously deep.
Piles of paperwork, books, comics, clothes, and all manner of crap crowd my office space.
The list of to-do's is mind boggling.
I have artwork commissions to crank out, and oh yeah, a comic book or 3 to produce.

There's also been a ton of comic culture items to go on about:
season finales on TV (Survivor's, Idol's, and Losties oh my!), big movies in theaters I've missed (Spidey 3, 28 Weeks Later, to name but two), internet/blogoshere firestorms I could rant about (MJ does laundry, women in chains on comic covers, what's the world coming to?!?), stacks of comics and graphic novels I've read (World of Quest, Sentinels book 2, Planet Hulk, Ultimates 13 and it's 8 page fold out!!)...
but all in good time.

For now, I'll just say I'm back, and keep your eyes peeled for many things to come!


Javier Hernandez said...

Hey Mr. Martin, glad to have you back!

Yes, there were firestorms aplenty on the blogosphere...and lots of movies hit the theatre.

Of course, I'm sure any tales you would have bout your vacation time would rival any of those events I mentioned!

I'll look forward to your blogging in the next couple of days.


Jason Martin said...

Yo yo!

Thanks my man.

Have you seen any of the movies?
What'd ya think of S3???