Saturday, June 23, 2007

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Working in comics?

I've linked before to notes from Todd Allen regarding the digitalization of comics, now it appears have given him his own bi-weekly column, PUBLISHING FOLLIES

It started just recently, and there have only been two installments so far. It looks like Todd is shedding some light on what it REALLY means to work in comics, by sharing information on what job openings in the industry pay comparatively to the outside world in the first installment, and looking at some current openings with the bigger companies and what they may mean for digital comics. Very interesting.

The first column can be found HERE
And the second can be found HERE

Also, I caught a column over on called ONE STEP, that features a great primer for how to approach breaking into comics, that was both helpful and very easy to digest.

Check that out HERE

I thought this was a new column, but then I saw the 14 previous versions linked at the bottom, and this is actually just a new installment from one that was started last year by Jim Zubkavich, who worked with Udon Comics.
If I recall correctly, Jim broke down getting into comics via the portfolio process...

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