Wednesday, June 06, 2007

TALES FROM NETFLIX - Do you believe in fairy tales?

I finally saw Guillermo Del Toro's fairy tale masterpiece.
Pan's mixes dark real-life World War II drama with a marvelous fantasy to masterful result.

Another true work of cinema of the highest order, Del Toro creates a world, both true and imaginative, that is both emotionally, and visually spellbinding. As many others have expressed, Pan's Labyrinth succeeds on many of the same levels as Children of Men, blending expert direction with heady themes and wildly creative story. What makes these films, along with, to a certain extent, 300, even more tremendous is that all three incredible meditative spectacles came so close together. Sure, Hollywood can crank out blockbusters, big action movies, shockers, or comedies that soar, but to have gems like Del Toro's Pan's, pure creative soulful genius, is a work of another order.

Speaking of COM, I haven't talked Netflix in over 2 months, so I never mentioned it (except for above). Since I already went on about how similarly excellent the two films are, I won't waste the time again here. However I will say that COM was more gripping than Pan's, both visually and with the narative, featuring some of the most amazing camera work/direction ever seen. Even when Cuaron wasn't dazzling us with choreographed mayhem, we're treated to daring edge of your seat barefoot getaway's!

I love zombie movies, but had never heard of this biochemical 80's offering.
Turns out Warning Sign is a solid military laboratory meltdown flick, sans any flesh eating corpses. There are however infected employees with out of control rage, and a government cleanup crew with their own agenda, at odds with our local small town sheriff and his wife, who happens to be trapped on the inside.

Get this one if you'd like a tame but engaging pseudo-zombie survival tale (oh, and it stars that dude from Law and Order).



Brant W. Fowler said...

I've been meaning to check out Pan's Labyrinth. That good, huh?

Btw, if you get a chance before June 10th, head over to this redirect and slap a YES vote down for us, man! ;)

Howie said...

I really liked Children of Men. Really cool concept and a very gritty film.
Pan's left me...well, I didn't like it as much as you. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! :)
I did get to see Apocalypto and man, it was better than I thought it would be. Great film! And more ripped out hearts than Temple of Doom!

Jason Martin said...

Howie, ha ha, "didn't like it as much as you", ha ha.
That's cool.
I wasn't really loving it all that much til the ending, and I can see how it may not "enchant" everyone as much, but, if you get caught up in it, and... SPOILER ALERT... buy into the whole thing he's playing with here, whether you believe in fairy tales and are open to that, it seems really childish, and OF COURSE they're not real, but if you convince yourself of that, well, she's dead and it's this horrible miseralbe film, just a real brutal downer, but IF you say, okay, no, the fairy tale was real, everyone lives happily ever after.
I just really dig how the movie works on those levels, and of course the great craft by which it's made.

Apocalypto, it's in our stack of "to be viewed", I really wanted to see that on the big screen (theaters)... can't wait.
Regardless of Mel and whatever, it's a movie, a work of art, and as much as it's hard sometimes, you really have to look at the art and artist seperately, so yeah, lookin forward to it!

Still haven't heard your take on Spidey 3 (have I?)...

Howie said...

Haahaha...I'm trying to be more polite! Sadly, I didn't believe in the Fairy Tale so she's just "SPOILER"
dead to me :( I liked Spidey 3! I think people are WAY off base comparing it to Batman & Robin. They must've never seen that movie. I have watched B&R several times because it's so hideous. Nothing compares. Spidey 3 is like the Army of Darkness of the Spidey series. Did the producers pack too much into one film...yes. But I still had fun watching it and I thought evil Harry at the diner was awesome.

Jason Martin said...

Good to hear you enjoyed it...
Mans oh mans, I needs ta still sees me that Spidey!!
We were on vacation forever when it came out, and been busy busy since...
But I'm stoked for some big dumb fun FF2ROTSS baby!!!!
I like me some FF much more than some whiny webhead!!! :)