Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... Transformers the movie

Went and saw Transformers last weekend. There have been so many movies this summer, but I thought Transformers was a good one to catch on the big screen. I saw FF2 but missed Spider-Man 3, and unfortunately, it was already gone in all the first run theaters around here (just in the old smaller venues, which defeats the purpose).

Transformers was a lot of fun, it started strong and finished big. Shia, the concept Camaro, and the boom box Decepticon were the highlights, but the movie got seriously lost in the middle and had way too many pointless characters/plotlines (why did we need to continue the thread with the GI's? and Section 7?!? WTF was that?!). The ending was fun, but I thought the Transformers themselves were, while fairly awesome to look at, pretty lifeless. And while the climax, the Autobots and Decepticons going toe to toe in downtown LA was cool, it could've been bigger in scope, and better realized (yes, I know, I'm crazy, but cut a half hour of some of the pointless shit, and give us a more complex, longer, and bigger climax - that's the big payoff, and it was good, but not epic, and it could've/should've been).

So, a B- as a movie, and A- as a theater experience.

Here's my fan art for the movie (which will be a print at next week's San Diego Comic-Con!), the Bumblebee 2009 Camaro with the girl from the movie:

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