Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Things are moving forward on the new Super Real Special sequel - SUPER REAL VS THE MOVIE INDUSTRY on all fronts, and as I'd mentioned, I'll be sharing artwork and behind the scenes tidbits as we go...

After showing the work up for the regular cover, now it's time to show off the awesome variant cover!

The variant cover artist for the special is someone who you might've seen around recently, he's a hot new emerging talent that's now working for Wildstorm - Jonboy Meyers.

Jonboy made a splash recently in Image's LOW ORBIT anthology, with his RIOT GRRRL, and is currently pitching in at WILDSTORM on titles like NINJA SCROLL, DANGER GIRL: BODY SHOTS, and some more top secret future stuff.

Jonboy was actually lined up to do some interiors, but as is often the case, schedules get wacky and things don't line up, so I'm really glad he could still work up a cover. Since he was slotted to work on the Tarnatino themed section featuring Holly, his cover is a take on that, with a nice Kill Bill vibe goin on!! (And don't worry, we've got someone really cool and talented picking up his spot!)

This is his rough outline for the cover.
You can check out his website HERE and his DeviantArt gallery HERE

Turn in tomorrow for the next step!


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