Sunday, December 23, 2007

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... Bilbo strikes back!

Great news recently that New Line and Peter Jackson made up and that The Hobbit is back on track to be adapted as a feature. I loved Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, but wasn't dead set on him returning for the Hobbit. I'm fine if he does, but wouldn't be against seeing someone new take a try at Tolkien. Well, looks like we'll get a bit of both, with Jackson on board to produce and drive it, but likely too busy with his current directorial commitments (Lovely Bones, and Tintin!, fucking Tintin!!).

But what I really love about The Hobbit, is the 1977 cartoon feature. That movie was up ther with Star Wars in terms of childhood loves, it was such a cool fantasy tale, all in amazing animation (with great music too)! I loved Gollum so much...

Any way, my buddy Grant Gould did a sketch recently from that movie, and I just had to color it, so thought I'd share that!

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