Saturday, January 26, 2008


There has been a truly great run of kick ass genre films taking cinema to a whole nother level, all within the last year, and I absolutely love it!!!
First 300 exploded with some of the coolest visuals ever put to film, along with a truly epic story, then Grindhouse unleashed RR and QT gone hog wild with some of the coolest visuals, characters, and stories put to film, and now Cloverfield takes the "coolest visuals" and inspired reworking of ideas and absolutely runs with it!!
This is a must see in theaters, and a pure thrill ride of a movie going experience. If you can't hang with shaky cam, that's a shame, because the people who made this movie, crafted the best hybrid of Blair Witch, Godzilla, 9-11, and Aliens, you could imagine, that totally captures the visceral human condition under extreme mindbending stress.
I love nothing more than to be put in the shoes of ordinary people, in extreme, world ending circumstances (that's why the zombie genre is so utterly fascinating to me)... doomsday scenario's are interesting on so many levels, and Cloverfield really brings that to life, perhaps more than any other movie, ever.
Not only that, but it sets up a wealth of potential for future films, and one any fan would die to see. Can't wait for more!
The only question is, will it be another shaky cam video capture, or a full blow theatrical production?
So much they can do here.
After getting home from the movie yesterday, I couldn't help but pull up the drawing table chair and start working on a fan art... so I'll be posting that soon!

Oh, and my buddy Grant Gould is hosting a peek at the monster over on his blog, SPOILER WARNING

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