Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I SAW IT ON TV: at least, what my DVR recorded of it...

Missed the ending of the American Idol finale...
Yes, I watch the show, and yes I saw the finale, but for the second straight year, we missed the very end, as for some reason FOX can't seem to put the correct run time in the programing.

Had I remembered before the show, like I did as it was winding down, that we'd likely miss the end (recording stopping prematurely) I could've corrected the record time and caught it all.
At least it doesn't cut out before the reveal.

I'm somewhat surprised, believing the votes had to be for that other munchkin David.
How cool, and a good show too, loved the Tropic Thunder guys (Stiller, Black, and Downey JR) as Pips, and it was good to see George Michael get it together (guess I'm a sucker for troubled artists)!

Oh yeah, and I Am Your Brother, together forever! (Love that guy!)

Now, isn't Indiana Jones about to start...

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