Friday, May 02, 2008

SUPER REAL NOTES - Much brewin

Hello all,

I've been keeping pretty busy as of late, in terms of what I've been working on...
A combination of things really, my day job resuming, the 200 sketch cards deadline (this past Wednesday, phew) for Upper Deck's Marvel Masterpieces 2 series, a series of 5 straight weeks of shows (Stumptown last weekend, a FCBD event tomorrow, and Emerald City Con wrapping things up next weekend), and the release of Gnome a couple weeks back. So yes, in addition to that I've been cooking up other things :D

As I've hinted at, in addition to Super Real (which has it's own developments of late I'm still chewing on), I've got another project I'm creating, that's continuing to move forward, on a global, kick ass scale... we're getting closer to me officially unveiling that....

Also, work continues to set up future volumes of the Super Real Graphics Presents original graphic novella series (with some potential really big news there cooking as well!)...

So, stay tuned, many things are under way, and coming to you all soon.

In the meantime, be sure and check out Super Real Graphics Presents: GNOME if you haven't, it's been receiving great critical response, and is a gem of a read!!

I'll be back soon with a comprehensive listing of my Marvel Masterpieces sketch card work (but many of those are in my DeviantArt gallery if you haven't seen them)!!

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