Thursday, June 19, 2008


I recently had the pleasure of doing a full blown multi character commission, with the request being that it had a similar vibe to my Cloverfield fan art, a group shot in an urban setting... but with zombies!

The requester didn't even want specific zombies, ie Cloverfield cast, superheroes, etc, just regular zombies. So to wrap my mind around it, I decided to use one of my actual pics from my recent NYCC trip, and the idea started to come to life, using a pic from Times Square, it would be "zombies on Broadway"!

Specifically, using this pic
The next challenge was what would inspire my zombies? Now, I've drawn some before (most notably an unused zombie variant of the issue 3 cover for Super Real special number 1), but not enough to just crank out the cool zombie action, so I needed a little direction to avoid some generic looking zombies... Then it occured to me to use whatever current pop culture stuff was rattling around my brain... and this was a few weeks back and I'd just watched the EliteXC MMA Saturday Night Fights on CBS, and brawler Kimbo Slice seemed the perfect subject!

From there, the rest of the zombies fell in place...
Zombie Downey JR, fresh off his triumphant appearance at the MTV movie awards

Zombie Lohan, also at the MTV awards, seemed a natural (and was really fun)!
But that left me wanting to do one more zombie, and fresh out of inspiration... then it hit me, myself as a zombie of course!

And so you have the final piece, with our cast of zombies making their way down Broadway... along with some adjustments to the pic...
Check it out!

Big thanks to the client for paying me to play with zombies, it was really fun!

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Javier Hernandez said...

Ha! Pretty cool piece there m'man. The zombie up front reminds me of someone I once knew... :)

You've hit a groove with getting commissions. Glad to see that's going good for you!