Saturday, June 14, 2008

I SAW IT ON TV: Battlestar Galactica season 4.1 finale


Another epic show's mid/season finale is in the books...

Season 4 of Battlestar this time

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Did it live up to the hype?!
Who cares!!!

It was damn good, but no, my mind wasn't blown...

I was however quite shocked that we got to Earth at the mid-season mark though, that was nice. I thought we'd only get a fleeting glimpse of it in the finale, or you know a short lived time there.
Then of course, there's the twist, but not that big of one, when you're expecting one, or not expecting, but knowing there's one, cuz it's mid f'ing season ;)

Sooo, the ep, it was grand.

Lots of big moments, and pay off of the series, and the secret 4 cyclons especially...

But, is it me, or were they playing up that moment on the bridge between Gaeta and Dee?
Please, please tell me they're not putting them together!!!
She's soooo not on his level, and man, there's no character on the show I like less that Gaeta!!
From his increasingly greasy hair, to his lying on trial, and his annoying ass singing whilst losing his damn bitch ass leg!

Anyway, I thought Lee Adama's comment about children not reaching full potential til their parents are dead, was VERY telling.
Prop up ol Will Adama's tombstone right next to Rosalyn's (on Earth) in the finale!!!

The scene with Ad Adama an Saul was huge...
"I'm looking for options" Adama says...
Well, Saul's got one ;)

Then OMFG!!!
Anders (an Chief) exposed to Kara, point blank...
Was dying to see that play out, and I thought it was cool how she didn't go the standard Starbuck route and go bare knuckle, but got her s together and used it for what it was (that tricky viper, is it the 5th cylon? that's the final revelation... hmmm).

But man, just how far did Kara have to run to spill the beans on that?!?
Ya know, to stop things at the last possible second... ;)
Did you really think they'd jettison Ty?!?

And I really liked Lee as the Pres, putting him at the center of things, just like Apallo on old school BSG... but ya know, in a different role :)

So, yeah.
Good good stuff.

But what's with this nebulous "COMING SOON" for season 4.2?!?
Is it really gonna be 2009!!!??

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