Monday, June 30, 2008

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Felipe Smith goes PEEPO CHOO tokyo stylee

My man Felipe Smith, the Super Real issue 3 variant cover artist, and Tokoypop MBQ maestro recently fell off the face of the planet.
Once his TPop manga wrapped, he went MIA.
A few weeks back TheBeat reported on him publishing a manga through Kodansha and their Morning Two magazine (in native Japan/Japanese).

Well, last week he finally got online and updated us all (at his Myspace blog), that he'd actually moved to Japan too.
And he is indeed cranking out piles of pages for a Japanese manga magazine with a new creation, Peepo Choo.
A quick Google search also turned up this little blog post with some more info on it...

Anyway, Felipe's talent is, I think, unmatched, and it's too bad the guy had to move to the East to do his thing, but at least he's doing it!!!

I'll have to find a way to source this stuff over here on this side of the rising sun.
But check out his work, MBQ, and now Peepo Choo, he's the real deal, doing the comic thing his way and bringing something new to the game... and does not dissapoint!


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