Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My buddy Howie Noel started up a new webcomic recently, VINCENT: THE PAINTER OF DEATH (his comic MR SCOOTLES is collected in a trade paperback and currently orderable in the August Previews catalog for October shipping, I think).

I know nothing about it, but it looks very cool (and very Sweeney Todd)! Aside from that, Howie is a unique voice in comics, and worth checking out if you haven't!

It's just underway at HERE

Check it out if you dare!


Howie said...

Thank you, Jason!! Glad you like the story so far. A new episode unveils each Thursday and I'll have the printed version of the final story in September. I'll keep you updated! Thank you again for digging Vincent.

Jason Martin said...

Wow, a printed version in a few weeks?!
So will that be a short then, or single issue? Or will there be more in the printed version than online?

Howie said...

I've been working hard as Hell on this story to finish it in time for the Baltimore Con however I just found out I'll get to do a store signing event on Sept. 6th so I hope to have Vincent ready by then. It's a single issue story (for now) that I think is a nice little Hitchcock or Poe-like tale. Each issue will come will a tiny replica of Vincent's scarf too! I really like working on the character though so there's probably more Vincent on the way! I really appreciate your feedback on Vincent- I'll let you know when the issues are made and I'll send you one.