Tuesday, January 20, 2009

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Diamond raises independent pubisher sales thresholds PART 1: the surface

So the big news in the world of comics is of course the announced (or rather, exposed) changes to the Diamond Distribution independent publisher sales thresholds, and as an independent publisher that’s listed by Diamond, well, that’s me.

Basically it means that things will be drastically changed in what product you see in comic shops. Either a more seismic shift to trade or larger price point style format, and/or a dearth of variety outside the larger publishers, or a continued move to digital for those in the back end of the catalog. But most likely all of the above.

I know many of you kids out there have no real interest in what goes on in comic shops, or selling your comics via those outlets, and are already making good online, but for us old timers like me, it’s something we still cling to, perhaps pointlessly. Look, I’ve long said digital is the future, and nothing can change that, the economics are indisputable, and sure there will always be some print comics, however, instead of a the perfect app coming along to cause the shift, looks like it will be the direct market’s inability to support anything outside the big two publishers, who completely drive the industry (selling 70-85% of it’s product). Anyone who argues independently published quality can find it’s way, regardless, is deluded in thinking so, I'd argue that the playing field is simply too unbalanced at this point.

So, I’ll continue to look for solutions outside the norm, like the change in format I did last year to larger, original graphic novellas, and addressing digital solutions. This may be the end of an era, but it’s certainly the dawn of a new one.

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For the time being, you'll continue to see Super Real Graphics print product via comic book shops. For how long, remains to be seen.

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