Friday, January 23, 2009

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: more Kill Bill!

Over in AICN's anime column, there's a snippet from Tarantino on a new anime sequence produced for Kill Bill by Production IG (the same studio that worked on the first sequence for the original film):
“We’ve actually added some things to it. We did a whole little chapter that I wrote and designed for the animated sequence, that we never did, because we figured, back when it was gonna be one big movie, it was going to be too long, so we didn’t do it. So when we were talking about re-releasing it, they asked is there anything you can put in, and I said no I put everything in there, but… there’s one sequence that we wouldn’t even have to shoot! So we got together with Production IG and did it, and it’s really cool. So it’s this little seven minute sequence, it’s really cool, it’s in the O-Ren chapter.” - Quentin Tarantino
Which confirms there is finally some action on the long talked of full version!!

This and a new Tarantino feature this August (Inglorious Basterds)?!?
Perhaps the new Kill Bill release is being timed for release with Basterds?

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