Monday, March 30, 2009

Comic Book Indsustry State of the Union 2

Well, I've always focused on the bigger picture of the comic industry here, first, as a publisher/creator working in the direct market it's obviously on my radar, and second, because I've known for years that we were at a crossroads in the US industry. Now it seems, keeping tabs on the pulse of the industry is a daily occurrence, so here's another roundup of news items relating to our changing times...

First we have a new feature on The Beat, adding an independent publisher roundup to their monthly tallies of comic shops sales, based off the Diamond top 300 books.
Very interesting to get a coherent rundown of all the indie books making the list.
Check it out HERE

Next, also courtesy of a link from The Beat, Todd Allen explores a doomsday scenario, where the direct market, if things play out poorly, could collapse altogether (and hey, that's not too far fetched... I've always said, digital will reach a tipping point when either A) there's a reader device current fans embrace, or B) when one of the large publishers (Marvel or DC) decide to switch to a digital model, of which the latter could occur at any time).
Check out part one HERE

Then, hop over to Newsarama for a couple different articles on digital comics...
First, a poll on what readers think is the best price model for digital HERE
and second, they take a look at the new software update for the iPhone, and it's implications for comics HERE

And finally, there's the news that DC plans to start shifting pricing on it's books to $3.99 (to match Marvels recent-ish moves of the same), and also some rumblings of continued price increases for Diamond UK, that were on-again, off-again (see Lying In the Gutters), that could've had a big impact on the UK market.

Tune in next week dear readers for what I'm sure will be more developments...

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