Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meanwhile at the Movies... Monsters VS Aliens, we win!

Okay, Monsters VS Aliens, the latest kid friendly, CG animated, potential franchise bait felt rather inspired, and appealing on many levels beyond just kiddie fair, ya know?
The perfect strap in, take a ride to new places kind of movie going thing I seek and devour.
But the couple reviews, or what I'd seen going into Friday's release, were kind of not that good. Calling it a marginal outing...
I'm happy to say, the wife and I saw it Friday in 3D, and loved every damn minute!!!
That, was a damn good movie.

Holy S Batman!?!?!
From the 3D, best I've seen yet... Beowulf - kind of odd, My Bloody Valentine - the 3D was just okay, but full on animated CG (I didn't see Bolt in theaters), DAMN!!!!!
Now that is good times!

Anyway, the 3D was great, very immersive, and just really worked.
Then you had the animation, stylish and quality enough to work very well.
The characters, all around, just fabulous. From voice acting, to design, very engaging... especially Susan (the 50 foot woman) and Bob (the Seth Rogan blob). A couple could've used some more life, but a really deep inspired cast, in all aspects.

Then the story, all out fun, all the time.
The only thing MVA lacks is the bonus round levels of heart of Incredibles and Wall-e, but I think, MVA is only inferior to Incredibles... I enjoyed it much more than Wall-e. Again, Wall-e packed a stronger emotional punch, but it's plot, ripped from Mike Judge's Idiocracy was far inferior.

MVA is just movie making at it's best, nonstop fun, inspired action, eye-popping visuals, great cast/characters, and genre bending next level shit.
And, it's damn funny!

I can't recommend it enough.
It is what everyone thought Kung-Fu Panda was.
Sure Panda looked great, and had lots of fun, but nothing about it felt as enjoyable as this to me.
Panda was just too predictable.
And sure MVA is too, it's MIB meets Incredibles, or Independence Day meets Hellboy etc... but it's got quirk and creativity in spades when it came to the storytelling. It was just too engaging to be weighed down by any of that.

I loved it.

See it in 3D, and I dare you not to enjoy it.

(and be sure and stay a couple minutes into the credits, for more President Colbert... then, you're safe to leave)

Go see it!!!
(You can check out more MVA discussion in my DeviantArt journal posting HERE)

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