Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meanwhile at the Movies... Land of the Lost

There are just too many movies coming out this month... I know there are a lot all summer, but it sure seems the studios are squeezing way too many into May and early June.
I saw Star Trek, and Wolverine, but probably won't make it to Terminator, and who knows about Up (or Drag Me to Hell), but one movie I'll damn sure catch on the big screen??
Land of the Lost!!!
Now, I was really jazzed about this one, with fond yet vague early childhood memories of dino's, Sleestak's, a raft, and lots of jungle action... with extra cheese. But the movie version also happens to feature Will Ferrell and Danny McBride, so BONUS!
However, once the trailers hit, and aside from some great looking effects, the humor was pretty flat, and killing my drive to see it... that was until Sci-Fi ran a Memorial Day marathon of the original series!!!

It was the first time I'd seen the shows in over 30 years, and man, that was some messed up and inspired children's entertainment only the 70's could bring!!
Turns out, while pretty uneven and definitely for kids, there was some serious sci-fi at play, and plenty of tripped out imagination! So, I can't wait to see the movie, regardless...
The creatures, characters, cast, and effects, even if a bad movie, will be worth the price of admission. Here's hoping the movie is actually good, or fun, too!


Enik1138 said...

If you're interested in Land of the Lost, you might want to visit my fan site with coverage of both versions of the TV series and the latest news on the upcoming movie.

Jason Martin said...

Hey thanks!
Cool site! :)