Thursday, March 04, 2010

Zombie Tramp bites back!

My buddy Dan Mendoza, who did pages for Super Real VS The Movie Industry special and my upcoming Pulp Girls project, does his own demented book, Zombie Tramp. You may have seen it at the summer cons, or on the SRG website before, as he debuted issue number 1 last year to much success. I've since joined in with him on the book, and made Zombie Tramp the first book in part of my SR Distro model, where creator published books are offered via myself directly at cons and online, to help increase sales on self published gems like Dan's. And now we've just released the second issue of the three book series, so take a look at the book and order some online, or watch for them from me at the shows!

It's very much in keeping with what I publish, and something you'll dig if you like cute girls, zombies, blood or violence in your comics...

ZOMBIE TRAMP Issue 2 of 3
24 PAGES (of story)
FULL (three) COLOR
Mature Readers

Find out what becomes of Janey now that she's zombified, and in the hands of... The Zombie Queen!?!?

Available now from SR DISTRO in the SRG store or directly at conventions (see schedule on right sidebar)

- Offering the best in creator pub'd comics!

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