Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meanwhile at the Movies... True-ly Grit-tastic!

I got a chance to catch an advance screening of TRUE GRIT last night, the Coen brothers adaptation of the 1968 novel, made famous in ‘69 by John Wayne.

Great Western.
Incredible story.
Amazing dialogue.
Brilliant performances.

Who doesn’t love Jeff Bridges, and while he got the Oscar last year, this is a performance, reunited with the Coens (Lebowski anyone?), where he can shine in a role and movie the masses can see and enjoy… the hell out of.
But he may not even be the best actor in the film, the thirteen year-old girl is really the lead, and she absolutely owns the role… and Matt Damon, in a change-up role here, is just fantastic (not to mention Josh Brolin's brief turn). The characters are so alive, and that’s the Coens adapting the screenplay, and their direction, elevating the top flight cast in a showcase of a Western epic of a tale, that, on the screen, is everything we love about movies.
A true journey in every sense.

I loved it! Just a joy of a film.
People will be quoting, and watching this new classic for generations to come.
So, as ol' Rooster Cogburn would say, “Fill your hand,” (with the movie ticket), “you son of a bitch!!”


Thursday I'm going to an early screening of GREEN HORNET, which should be... interesting... and then hopefully TRON on Friday!!!

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