Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: publishing stuff

A couple cool links from TheComicsBeat...

First, a link to a DIY approach to digital publishing that may be a nifty idea - HERE

With an interesting alternate idea floated in the comments from digital trailblazer DJ Coffman.

As I'm grappling with a clear path forward digitally, both for my work, and my publishing output. It's clear there are any number of directions one could go, and that ultimately there should be an option, or standard, for doing it on one's own, but I also think there's a big potential in the collective space... or digital publishers. As with anything, there needs to be focal points for choosing content on the user side... something to replace the comic shops, the newsstands, etc.

Then second, we have a lengthy conversation with Joe Casey, a comic writer synonymous with creator driven work, and quite the success story - HERE

I've always been a fan of Joe's work. And while nothing of his has ever been a pure favorite, his work is interesting and exciting. And I'm very much looking forward to his and Mike Huddleston's BUTCHER BAKER (from Image).

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