Monday, May 23, 2011

HANGOVER 2 ...a quick (preview screening) review

Got to see a preview screening last night...

Now, I wasn't a big fan of the first, finding it to give away just about every shred of hilarity via the commercials, and then it seemed hyped up beyond anything resembling reality. So with that said, I was glad to get into a preview screening of the sequel, to try and avoid all the good bits via the new ads (which already were wayyyyy too spoiler heavy - message to studio marketing assholes, it's the biggest comedy ever, I don't think you need to give away anything in the ads for the sequel!!)...

I found the movie overall to be mildly entertaining, and sometimes humorous (unlike the lady next to me how must have climaxed a dozen or more times and couldn't stop gasping in laughter at every. little. thing. that. ever. happened), until close to the end, when things got pretty hilarious, and finished very strong.

This is however the exact same movie, redone in Bangkok. The formula works though, so I look forward to a third... I just don't know where they'll set it, having gone from Vegas to Thailand... I'm guessing the moon maybe (if only the ads for it didn't give away the alien sidekick, stolen Millennium Falcon replica the wolfpack pilots, and the Mike Tyson as leader of Mars cameo)???


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