Monday, March 25, 2013

DANGER ZONE previews

You might have heard me mention, I'm heading up a new mature readers creator-owned comic line, ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE, and our first batch of books were in the March Previews catalog... well, a new batch of books are in the April Previews catalog that hits comic shops this Wednesday, so I thought I'd post a link where you can preview all of the books right now online (or on your mobile devices) - HERE

There are zombie circus little people getting their heads kicked in, nuclear armed time traveling terrorists destroying Las Vegas, Native American drug abusing college kids freaking out, gender swapping barbarians and computer programmers running wild, undying rabid rodents of biblical proportions feasting on flesh, and commie zombie virus contaminated cocaine snorting 80's icons... well, what're you waiting for, why haven't you clicked the link yet?!? Doesn't that sound like a good enough time?!?!!

That's right, you can check out seven new upcoming comics - from horror to comedy, sci-fi to street crime - right now, online, free now, and pre-order them for their May and June releases!!

Find out more about DANGER ZONE - HERE

Plus, my new book that I've been talking about forever around here, NIGHT OF THE 80'S UNDEAD, is part of the lineup and will be officially coming out as part of the lineup starting this June!

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