Wednesday, March 27, 2013


My new book, NIGHT OF THE 80'S UNDEAD (which you may have heard about for a little while here), is in the Diamond Previews catalog just out today, for books shipping to comic book shops this June.

It's in the comics and graphic novels section on page 242
Diamond Order Code APR130760

Here's the full solicit info for the book:

NIGHT OF THE 80’S UNDEAD 1 - bi-monthly 3 issue mini-series
Writer – Jason Martin (that's me), Artist – Bill McKay
28 pages, full color, $3.99, mature readers
Synopsis - It's 1986, and Russia's last ditch cold war effort is to strike at our American excess lifestyle with bio-engineered Colombian cocaine. What happens when two girls out for a good time cross paths with a huge celebrity party hyped up on commie zombie blow?!?! Radical undead action man! Totally!!

So there you go, if you frequent comic shops, preoder now, if you don't, you can pick it up from one in June.

Or, if you live on the web and have heard of Kickstarter and want to order yours now, then you can get one HERE

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Support fun books about commie coke zombie 80's icons and automatic weaponry!!!!


Josh said...

I'm stoked that night of the 80's undead is available to order in Previews. Good to see your continued success in comics. I bought mostly all of your merch at the Las Vegas Comix Expo last year and wrote up a nice review of Super Real and one of your sketch card books on my blog,, if you want to read that. I hope I did justice to your talents. Keep on rocking it, bro.

Jason Martin said...


thanks for the comments, and the kind words on your blog!

Hopefully I'll make it back to Vegas for the con this year (but I don't like that another con has moved in, grrr)... we shall see!