Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Super Real back in stock!

My first self-published comic series, Super Real, ran seven issues and ended in 2010 with a graphic novel collection. The graphic novels have since sold out, and I had also sold out of the seventh and final issue of the series, but I'm happy to report the book is back in stock now!

I've done a second printing on issue 7 and have full seven book sets to offer. The sets come with an all new wraparound print/cover and include the full 250 page story for only $15!

Collects the complete independent series recommended by Newsarama, Aint It Cool News, Comics Buyers guide and many moreSuper Real follows five people who sign million dollar contracts to get genetically enhanced for a reality show based on comic book superheroes. It's X-Men meets the Real World (or Survivor with superpowers), in an over-the-top, genetically enhanced, nipple twisting, lethal middle finger flipping mash-up of comic book fiction, pop culture, politics, and ultra-violence!!!

Features guest artwork from Jim Mahfood (Grrl Scouts), Josh Howard (Dead@17), and more.

 The Super Real SET collects the complete series, including the previously unreleased (to comic book shops) over-sized final issues, plus all five released issues, in one 7 book collection!


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